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- The new C4 PICASSO is officially unveiled
- ICONIQ Seven officially released
- Hella Flush conversion origin
- VIP style modified vehicles
- Designed tires for Chiron

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 FAW brand new car is the biggest pain point Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

From the past ten years of experience, a year a new car is not only the car "standard", it can even be said that the new car strategy will become a change in the market structure of some car prices reasons. For example, Honda, aggressive new car strategy to 125.6 million in last year's performance to defeat Toyota (1.124 million), the success of promotion in China. In contrast, the Pentium problem is that there is no introduction of new models, which in 2016 a full year to eat the capital. You know, the market itself is like a boat against the current, do not advance into the. When many small partners have introduced modeling updates, better technology, more cost-effective products out, they are difficult to change the Millennium Pentium Pentium love. For example, the Pentium X80, this model uses the Mazda 6 platform technology, a variety of configurations is also rich, but this model from May 2013 listing seems to have been unable to solve the vehicle noise and noise problems, which makes it In many strong products especially in front of new models overshadowed eclipse. In 2015, the Pentium X80 to surrender 54600 results. In 2016, the Pentium X80 only achieved 19,800.

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 To modify the color of the wind to change the BMW M6 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Do not know when to start, to Dubai as the center to suspend a burst of "Tuhaojin" car to change the color of the wind, the golden color of the original represents the wealth, prosperity and good luck, and a variety of successful combination of ultra-running, , Xiaobian for everyone to bring a golden brushed BMW M6 modified car. At first glance the BMW M6 will be attracted by its sparkling gold body, the evaluation of the vehicle into gold has been mixed, but you can not deny that this change in color of the vehicle has a strong gas field. And the common electroplating gold to change color is not the same, this BMW M6 is the metal wire drawing film change color, matte texture even more noble and extraordinary. Walking system, the modified 21-inch matte gray Forgiato Drea wheels, J value for the first 9 after 10, and with the tire is Pirelli P Zero Nero series tires. The exhaust is replaced with the Akrapovic exhaust, which is the more expensive brand in the exhaust, and is active in all competitions, making Akrapovic's exhaust now in the lap.

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