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- The new C4 PICASSO is officially unveiled
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 F12 Berlinetta successor 812 Superfast Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

As the successor of F12 Berlinetta 812 Superfast's appearance does not have a place to color out. It is F12 Berlinetta and F12 TDF drawings put together just a bit. From the appearance point of view, I think the aerodynamic characteristics compared to F12 also no big change. Since the Marjorie this "hard work" took the Ferrari, the designer really is going to be lazy, after 488 488, FF after the GTC4 Lusso and the 812 Superfast, all these new car shape changes? WRX Coilovers I suspect that the designers of Ferrari were dismissed by Marchene. I found that I may be weak, this paint color is called "70 anniversary red (Rosso Settanta)" is to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Ferrari launched a special section, is this and the previous What is the difference between Ferrari? The fit audi a4 1.8 turbocharger The interior is nothing to say, and F12 basically no difference. But if you want to get this on the inside of the official map I estimate to spend a few tens of thousands of matching can be. I also clearly remember before borrowing the 488 Spider on the optional single, seat blue suture fit Renault megane dci turbocharger need 7,000, the same is hand-sewn, do not dye color to so much money? As a silk I really can not understand.

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 Racing technology into the 10 million Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The track is the source of the production car and test the field, no exaggeration to say that many domestic cars now "high-tech" are derived from the car this platform. The game is a challenge to the limits of the car itself, only to continue to break through the bottleneck of the car technology in order to achieve better results. After a long period of improvement, the car becomes more flexible, fast, safe, durable, lightweight, environmentally friendly, economical. Racing evolution fit saab 9-3 turbocharger in the process of summing up and the resulting data and practical technology are also gradually into the design of the home car, the function of the family car is also more perfect. Common ABS, turbocharged, paddle shift, differential, suspension, safety measures are the product of the car, even the current unmanned car is also accumulated from the basic data derived from the car The The car faces the toughest challenge T3 turbocharger, it can overcome a lot of difficulties to make progress, and it produced the technical results are also left to the family car. The car's contribution to the automotive industry is important, and it is the compass of the automotive industry. Racing requires a lot of financial support, but it brings the economic benefits is beyond doubt. Dakar Rally is the most classic regional economic drive fit Impreza STI Coilovers, Dakar moved to South America before the African continent had a strong enough media platform, through 70 channels to Dakar where Africa show to reach 190 global Countries and regions.

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 Drag coefficient and fuel consumption Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Of course, this is a theoretical value of the formula, the actual test of course, there will be more uncertain factors introduced. But from this basic formula we are not difficult to find, in the same speed, the air density is certain, with the level of the model is actually the projection area is almost, so the real impact of the size of the wind resistance is the drag coefficient. Through the actual calculation, the speed of 100km / h, when about 60% of the power output are used to resist wind resistance, which is why the major manufacturers to reduce the wind resistance factor on the vehicle to spend great effort. Another data is the relationship between drag coefficient and fuel consumption, for the traditional energy vehicles, the current international recognition of the higher argument is the wind resistance factor for every 10% reduction in fuel consumption can be reduced by 3%; and for new energy vehicles, Drag coefficient reduced by 0.02, the mileage can be increased by 3km; so car modeling nearly a hundred years of development, that is, in order to reduce one another and 0.01Cd and work. Among the three commemorative models are the following three: The third generation of AUDI 100 in 1982: the first wind resistance coefficient of 0.3 production car PASSAT B5: The first domestic sedan with emphasis on the importance of drag coefficient is only 0.28 3.2016 BMW NEXT 100 Conecpt: Up to now the world's best aerodynamic performance, the drag coefficient is 0.18

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 Test vehicle chassis development test Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The camouflage test vehicle is basically a prototype of the new car after the development of the new car through the chassis development test phase (ie the mule stage), but the appearance of the new car has been finalized, but in order to protect its shape from being exposed to advance before the new car is released, To disguise it is a way to maintain a mystery, and compared to other manufacturers using camouflage stickers, the public in recent years prefer to test car disguised as other brands of models. From the previous exposure of the public models (especially the SAIC) we can find the "Grand Cherokee" style of the way, "intellectual run" style Tiguan L, "Kia K7" style of the bright, "Premarin" style way L, "Land Rover Range Rover" version of Kodiak and even "S-class" style Bentley speeding. But no matter how the manufacturers disguised, we can still through a variety of details to determine the true identity of the test car, we also look forward to more new car spy photos can be found by users and sent to our spy photos of public mail, perhaps your photos Will be adopted Oh.

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 MG and a pair of standard models Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

First of all we came to the vehicle sealed laboratory, to see the vehicle sealing performance. The whole work needs to undergo simulation analysis, the standard test, subjective assessment and system debugging, a total of four stages. Of course, this is almost all the breakdown of the project needs to go through the process. Good vehicle sealing performance can effectively reduce wind noise, improve ride comfort. Especially in the high-speed cruise, the holes, gaps and other subtle tightly sealed, with excellent sealing of the vehicle to isolate the vast majority of wind noise. Compared to other aspects of dealing with poor models, the two have a very big difference between. In the vehicle sealed laboratory site placed a MG fit polo 6r coilovers for sale and a pair of standard models. Through the engineers on-site test we can see, MG QS air tightness can be as low as 56SCFM (the lower the value of the better), while the standard model was 95SCFM, the advantage is very obvious. The new car in the design of the early through the CAE analysis, the vehicle sheet metal slits were optimized, the body up to more than 100 road coating process and body opening and closing parts best coilovers for polo 6r of the double seal and other design are the cornerstone of good performance. Talking about the body structure, perhaps many of my friends think that this is safety-related components, and NVH and not much relationship, it is not true. As I mentioned above, NVH is started with vehicle research and development, not a halfway monk members. Engineers in order to obtain the best vehicle NVH performance, naturally the body structure of the hands and feet. Do not believe? Then please continue to look down. I believe everyone in the middle school physics class already know - the sound propagation speed in the air than in the solid slower. And SAIC engineers and therefore in the MG ZS fit VW Polo 6R Lowering Kit 20 position of the whole car with a cavity cut off the design, through the air characteristics to block the cavity transmission path to slow down the transmission of noise. In addition, the engineers also used PU foam filled in the thickness of 3mm EVA material (ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer) and the body sheet metal between, to achieve the purpose of blocking noise.

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