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- F12 Berlinetta successor 812 Superfast
- Racing technology into the 10 million
- Drag coefficient and fuel consumption
- Test vehicle chassis development test
- MG and a pair of standard models

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 Polaris modified with spring color Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Bora cars, they see it people can not help but produce a driving its impulse and desire. Like other Volkswagen models, "Bora" same "wind" is named, it is fresh Adriatic sea. It has given the public a national cultural characteristics auspicious name "Bora" - in China FAW. It is the Volkswagen brand's full-size sedan, the latest masterpiece A-class platform, is synchronized with the international products, is the modern car performance and quality leader. Today, as a bonus, but the old modified car Case Bora a beauty, the whole filming process, small series more than once to doubt their color vision. First saw LISA Bora, I began to tell the color. In this spring in Beijing to see the color or let Xiaobian shines. Blue reveals a little green, green with some blue in there. The owner of the blue paint of the new Bora, into this TIFFANY blue and green. Owners to replace the front bumper R infinity, the overall style tends to simple, mellow, which is currently the mainstream modified style fit nissan ignition coil. After the R's bumper in the tail exhaust REMUS not very ride, owners said the next step would be adjusted here. R side skirts make the whole more plump waist, closing the distance and the ground. Endless front bumper with no subject in the net, simple style in the end. FK no mark in the net, genuine workmanship did not have to pick. Black headlight lens from Jiuding, Xiao Bian think the original is not better reflect the elegance of style fit Subaru Turbocharger? Remember when REMUS playing rims ringing can be considered, but with other domestic and REMUS exhaust enters the rampant fakes, so REMUS gradually edge. BBS RS classic style, the front wheels size is 8.5J Nangang with tires in size 215 / 35R18. Rear wheels size is 9.5J, Nangang with tires in size 215 / 40R18. Side effects, fender pressure in the tire is stretched, which is why the reason behind was not very low. The height of the owners of the front wheels performance exhaust manifold is quite satisfactory, this is a standard size bag black devil cigarettes. In addition to the interior of the pedal replacement R group and multimedia machine where no other changes. Multimedia machine main push AUX, the owner of the music mainly from the phone because the phone updates more timely convenient.

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 ABT released new generation Audi Q7 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In modified Volkswagen Group models, known for ABT Sportsline tuning company recently released a new generation Audi Q7 modified renderings, the design of a new car appearance package and wheels and other tuning parts. Compared to the original, both sides of the front air intake to increase a lot, a lot of the front face becomes aggressive. Body side wheel eyebrow body width will increase a little. FR paragraph rim diameter of 22 inches, with size 305/30 tires, complete refit of the road alignment. Body rear roof fitted with a rear spoiler to the rear is more layered. Rear lower skirt converted into a form similar to the racing diffuser, exhaust system Skyline GTR Coilovers uses a total of four bilateral side port style design, sporty carry out in the end, now ABT modified only released renderings of the new generation Q7, I believe that soon, modified examples it will be released out. RCD510 can not put back DVD navigation Rear view not only with a six-disc CD, SD card direct reading, radio and other functions, automatic air conditioning equipped air-conditioned car can display information, said that some models GTST Coilovers can achieve OPS, but the new Bora it seems not. Although RCD510 features rare, but it has a large 7-inch touch screen, high quality, and the price is relatively cheap (my starting price is 590 yuan +40 yuan SF), and most importantly, do not need to install a new car broken line, not void your warranty! After installation RCD510, USB interfaces with the original car can not be used (but can be directly read SD card, but also a convenient point than insert U disk) AUX interfaces can be used as well to note that the fashion model car is not installed RCD510 fit nissan ignition coils, because fashion is not connected to the cAN bus type, installed after every half an hour off a machine, but can not control the backlighting.

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 2004 Mazda 3 glamor portrait Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Photography is a kind of magic, magic and light rubbing line drawing of a wonderful life, those fleeting moments are transformed into immortal image. This issue and everyone will enjoy together about light and shadow effects under paragraph 04 horses 3 modified. Silver-gray body, simple and clean style with low-lying body posture is very obvious style, carbon fiber front lip also achieved a low-profile publicity. AL air suspension, V2 system has a simple appearance, powerful durability and achieve the daily ride height adjustment. One of the highlights from Cosmis Racing Wheel is its modified, 18-inch forged wheels, white paint with this silver appearance, very eye-catching. Wheels wrapped in 18 × 9 + 25 in 215/35/18 tires in love Chi, create a "bomb tire" effect, deal with details of the office, I can see is for the owners take heart. Control is a long term Mazda hatchback, the 10 imported horses 3 inherited the previous generation models excellent chassis structure, multi-link rear suspension constructed doomed its superior handling basis, clear delivery and good road feel is a suspension support paragraph favor sports cars as they should. Overseas, the car has been a favorite of the young, the young dynamic atmosphere appearance, the front grille with a confident smile, the young dynamic lines plus the owners converted concise widebody very attractive.

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 White painting Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Late last year, the Italian supercar factory Ferrari Finali Mondiali annual event in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi) famous Yas Marina Circuit racetrack organized which let XX Corps newest cars Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K appeared, fans immediately attracted global attention more involved in causing craze "XX Programme" track driving course between students loyal. For ages the "XX Programme" is made by Ferrari factory driver training sector (Corse Clienti Department) is responsible for the implementation, although both belong to Ferrari's, but its mode of operation and commercial vehicles are slightly different, mostly to the track consideration as a starting point and, therefore, able to try the first Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K existing customers will be based FXX and 599 XX owners, marketing strategies and different commercial models. Previously first impressions on the occasion, Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K to the classic Rosso Corsa paint debut, wearing local black and silver trim embellishment, and now, the world's first white painting Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K was witnessed at the track staging area now body, and its white body with the local red trim, is also extremely compelling!

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 The new Panamera 4S models History Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Porsche Panamera cash as the first-generation model, starting in 2009, production has already had seven years of history. This product is compared to the previous Porsche's traditional model has a larger span, four four-seater designed for a broader market, in practical terms more suitable for most consumers. Although both belong to large cars, but with the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8 these three traditional large car position is not the same. The new Porsche Panamera is more prepared for individual users, that is to say more for car owners, and not hire drivers. From this position, the competing products is its president Maserati and Jaguar XJ, three cars are luxury brands, and the same as the car's design, the better athlete. The new Panamera and competing products may not be enough compared to exaggeration, but the driving experience is still excellent, more pure sports gene. Comprehensive upgrade of the Porsche Panamera in competitiveness is still strong, although there is no appearance of design tremendous breakthrough, but the changes become effective enough bit of flavor. Porsche China is very important for the market, consumers have a lot of demand for large luxury cars, Chinese market, sales are growing year by year, the new Panamera certainly more consistent with the needs of domestic consumers, but China consumers do not have to worry too much, the new Panamera to the domestic market also needs a 2017.

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