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- Porsche Six Self-Suction Engine
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 The new Volkswagen Touareg Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

All along, the flagship model of the Touareg is Volkswagen SUV camp, and with the same platform Q7 complete replacement, the Touareg will also usher in the latest generation of products, the car will be officially unveiled in 2017. Based on the new generation Touareg MLB Evo platform to build, from the platform as well as the famous new Audi Q7, Porsche and Bentley add the next-generation Cayenne. Obtained from the current spy photos, the new Touareg front design will be a great change, we will inherit a lot of T-Prime GTE concept car elements. On the side, the new Touareg's style fit VW 2.5 TDI Turbo Replacement is very tough, waistline is relatively simple, but the curve began to emerge from the back door has been extended to the taillights, more dynamic. Currently rear car still strict camouflage, we can see that it uses a total of two bilateral exhaust. In power, there is no specific news came to light, but according to previous reports, in addition to carrying its drive gasoline and diesel engines, but very likely also equipped with 2.0T + electric motor plug-in hybrid system fit Renault Avantime Turbo. Touareg in the sale of the car's second generation model, launched from 2011 to today has gone through five years, but also to the replacement time. The new Touareg will certainly occur a great change in the design, modeling should be able to refer to specific T-Prime GTE concept car style, compared with the current model may be more stylish. Dynamic, is worth looking forward to a place in the BMW X5 ,? Volvo XC90 2.0T models are introduced to the era of low barriers to entry, also launched a whole new generation Q7 2.0T models, and we learned that the new Touareg motor may introduce 2.0T + the hybrid version, whether it will launch the 2.0T petrol version fit Espace IV Turbo of the model for potential consumers is very worth the wait, when the new car will lower barriers to entry.

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 SQR480 1.6L displacement engine Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

After the first generation of the SEAT Toledo discontinued, the domestic automobile manufacturers Chery will buy the car production line, once released throughout the country on the streets of SAIC Chery. Toledo Storm introduced the original appearance of the car and hatchback form retained, but the use of 8-valve four-cylinder code SQR480 1.6L displacement engine, the biggest disadvantage of lack of motivation. Has been producing small cars dominated Suzuki released the second generation in 1986 (discontinued in 1988) Alto minicar. Equipped with 543CC car in Japan, three-cylinder turbocharged engine and four-wheel drive version of the model has been introduced, is a movement with sufficient performance k-car. The 1990s, cars were just into the domestic lives of ordinary people, not much in the optional "youngest gentile" era, Changan Suzuki Alto appeared in the domestic auto market. Compact models, good quality and soon won the recognition of consumers. In order to improve the quality of domestic small car, the 1972 Subaru launched its alternative R-2 models Rex miniature cars. After the products mature, second-generation 1981 Subaru Rex come out, after listing the car 544CC, 544CC and 665CC three displacement turbocharged engines to choose from, and there are four-wheel drive version of the model.

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 VFF600 horsepower single turbo kit Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In addition to the front and rear ends are original Intercooler installed jet head to reduce alcohol cooler temperatures, especially in the front end of the intake manifold to increase the intake air temperature two head again let cool thoroughly.     In order to squeeze out the maximum engine limit by Vishnu Performance System jointly developed with FFTEC Motorsports Single Turbo Kit provides VFF600 and VFF700 two options, on the basis of the original engine no abdominal strengthening, the press can use a single turbo kit a 655 ~ 750hp (net engine output), effectively highlights the N54 engine quite amazing development potential. Since the original two into the wind turbine TD03 body is limited, even turbocharged reminder to 3.0Bar too hard does not help, for the owners of specially selected by the VFF has launched a Single Turbo Kit, but this time in the country V5 computer distributor Blackstone (when black for Research and Innovation) under the invitation by the CEO Vishnu Performance System fit NQR Catridge company for the factory DME reprogrammed by a computer, and directly through the Dyno tuning V5 Rev3. Although the turbocharged value is controlled by the V5 computer, but to stability control turbo boost body Booster, rely on this small motor step count as a relay command station. VFF600 package from the single turbo kit can be found, compared to its 58mm CEA Precision turbine body compared to the original turbine, with large blade row turtle advantages not only can effectively reduce the air resistance caused by the six-cylinder and exhaust back pressure completely exclude the physical limits of the small turbine car spring bags makes the same amount of wind speed can be sustained growth, which accelerated to the engine strength is significantly enhanced. According to the owner said that as in the past when the twin-turbo set when the vehicle speed from 60km / h to climb over 150km / h, the engine re-acceleration force although, but the endless push the lift is quite difficult to maintain, but when put VFF600 after 58mm CEA Precision turbine set, even if the current turbine main body is still in operation within a 500km run-in period, but will boost the value of 1.5Bar obstinately stick back a sense of continuity to 240km / h, but this is only the VFF 600 package configuration air struts kits, if VFF 700 select its row turtle diameter is reached 62mm, while the maximum wheel horsepower is approaching 700hp.

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 BMW VFF600 single turbo kit Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

With twin-turbo brings brisk acceleration advantage, perhaps this is among the BMW 335 into the pressurized areas of the most fascinating one set, but if you want to squeeze out more horsepower but it will limit limited by existing hardware, for the abolition of Twin Turbo Single Turbo Kit to practice will become mainstream severe modification on the future. In order to break the original conversion limit N54B30 twin-turbo engine, the owner directly by repealing Twin Turbo VFF600 Single Turbo Kit fit MX5 MK2 Coilovers breath and let the maximum horsepower point of view 655hp (2.0Bar). With the desired power output and factory settings, BMW 335 used N54B30 twin-turbo engine, with 3.0 liters displacement and big thanks to the twin-turbo, boost the value of even 0.6Bar can easily maximum output 306hp 40.8kgm horsepower and torque, not only in the data performance fit NRR Catridge is quite worth seeing, brisk acceleration and full strength is to highlight turbocharged charm. But although innate quality is considered quite good, to the point of view but also with 400hp computer ECU, intake and exhaust and cooling systems strengthening and reach, but if you want to break even double the performance of 500hp mark to the original hardware to the limit look, it seems that only the body toward the turbine to modify or replace, so far in Taiwan in addition to the intake side with TD04 TD035 hybrid approach to achieve a greater amount of wind outside, the abolition of the shift to the single turbo twin turbo fit NPR Catridge technology and more a major breakthrough performance.

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 Forging new shoes Vorsteiner Porsche Boxster S Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The new code-named Porsche 981 Boxster S, 3.4L naturally aspirated engine can squeeze 315hp maximum horsepower and maximum torque 36.kgm, accelerates from zero to 100km / h just 5.0 seconds, the original that is quite active power output, so Vorsteiner launched the Porsche Boxster S, an upgrade for only part of the circle of tire seems to have enough to choke.   Modification Vorsteiner's V-FF 101 20-inch forged aluminum ring, showing the use of high texture gun gray paint, with a white Porsche Boxster S complement each other, front 8.5J, after 10J aluminum ring width, accompanied by former Yokohama S. Drive 245 / 35 ZR20, after the 275/35 ZR20 tires, not only greatly enhance the Boxster S grip performance, but also to look more different from the original style, to show the real car modification unique to roll the dice. Czech Republic appearance modification expert --WrapStyle, the 2014 Audi RS6 wagon converted into a unique chrome blue and silver appearance. This bright new color scheme, with the RS6's twin-turbo lairy 4.0 liters V8 engine power upgrade 560hp and 700nm.

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