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By the British team developed supersonic car "Blood Hound" (Bloodhound) will be October 26 this year in the United Kingdom Cornish New York Airport runway test, is expected to reach 322 km per hour, and will be the end of next year in the South Africa Desert Challenge World Record. "Blood Hound" manufactured by the United Kingdom, cost up to 10 million pounds (according to 1 pound = 8.6495 yuan conversion, equivalent to about 86.5 million yuan), the maximum speed of up to 1000 miles / hour (1609 km / h).
In fact, the "Blood Hound", in October in the United Kingdom Cornish Newquay airport runway test is only a "slow" test drive. Compared to its maximum speed of 1609 km / h, is expected to reach 322 km per hour is clearly in the "jogging", F1 racing straight top speed is about 380 km / h. One of the reasons for the "jogging" is that the 2744-meter-long airport runway is too short to drive at full speed. In addition, since the original design of the hybrid rocket engine mounted on the top of the car has not yet been completed, the "blood hound" test was carried only by the loaded European "Typhoon" fighter engine.
The British Broadcasting Corporation quoted the design team as saying that the runway test in October was to improve the performance of the "Hounded Hound" in order to regain some "Hounded Hound" data, which was significant for challenging the world record in South Africa next year. Mark Chapman, the team's chief engineer, said the test will be an exciting time for the team from design to actual operation. At the same time, it will also be a good display platform, Chapman looks forward to attract more investment to solve a few subsequent issues.
The current world record of car driving is 1228 kilometers per hour. Hybrid Rocket Engine R & D is completed, the "Blood Hound" is expected to challenge the world record in two phases, respectively, to achieve 1287 km and 1609 km per hour.
According to previously reported, "Blood Hound" pencil-shaped shell is made of aviation grade aluminum forged, the body length of about 13.4 meters, the weight is 7.5 tons, 1.83 meters in diameter wheels are made of high strength titanium alloy, which is to To prevent the wheel speed too fast and fly out from the body.
The Soldier Hound was able to reach the Sonics because it was equipped with a new fighter engine, and when the vehicle was accelerated to 300 mph, a hybrid rocket engine located on the roof would continue to accelerate for the vehicle; the rocket engine included a Traditional rockets and a separate engine fuel pump, which allows the "blood hound" maximum power to reach 135000 horsepower, equivalent to 180 F1 racing power.
It is understood that the runway test in October will be the former British Royal Air Force pilot Racing Rods Andy Green (Andy Green) Lieutenant Colonel is responsible for driving, the end of next year's South African Desert challenge world record tour will be completed by it. Andy Green is also one of the R & D and designers of the "Hound Hound" supersonic car.

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 In determining the Coilovers Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In determining the engine crankshaft have a problem or failure, it should first check whether the Coilovers oil spills or traces of old oil spills. Seal gaskets, gasket rupture damaged oil storage cylinder head nut loose. May be oil seals, seal washers failure, should be replaced with new seals. If you still can not eliminate leakage, shock absorbers should be pulled out, if they feel the severity of no moment, and then further checks clearance between the piston and cylinder is too large, whether the damper piston rod bent, the piston rod and the cylinder surface Are there scratches or pull the barrel mark. If there is no leakage phenomenon shock absorbers, shock absorbers should check the connecting pins, connecting rods, connecting hole, rubber bushings and other damage, sealing off, break or fall off place. If these were normal, it should be further decomposed shock absorbers, check with the gap between the piston and cylinder is too large cylinder with or without strain, the valve seal is good, valves and valve seat are tight fitting and minus Zhen's done spring is too soft or broken, take grinding repair or replace parts of the way under the circumstances. In addition, the Coilovers in actual use will be issued by the sound of failure, which is mainly due to the GDB Coilovers and springs, frame or shaft collision damage or loss, and shock absorber pad dust tube deformation, oil lack of other causes, reasons should be identified, to be repaired.

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 Suspension with Coilovers Design Guide Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Is the main Skyline crankshaft damping force generating element, the vibration damping effect of the vehicle rapidly, improving ride comfort of the car, to enhance the adhesion of the wheels and the ground. Moreover, the body portion of the shock absorber can be reduced dynamic load, longer vehicle life. currently widely used in automotive Coilovers are mainly cylinder hydraulic shock absorber, the structure can be divided into the role of binocular-type, monocular and binocular inflatable inflatable three. guiding mechanism is transfer forces and moments, concurrently serves as a guide in the process of moving the car which can control the trajectory of the wheel. The role of automobile suspension system elastic element is the vehicle while driving due to vibration generated by rough road to get a buffer, reducing the body's acceleration to reduce the dynamic load and dynamic stress-related parts. If only elastic element, the car received a shock after the vibration will continue. But the car is on a continuous uneven roads, and due to the continuous impact of the continuous injustice inevitably produce the automobile vibration intensified, even resonance, but to make dynamic load of the body increases. So suspension damping characteristics must match the elastic element phase. Coilovers When using the liquid flows through the orifice friction and friction between the molecules of liquid fluid between the hole wall and the formation of the vibration damping force, the vibration energy into heat, thus achieving vibration attenuation cars, improve vehicle ride comfort, improve vehicle the handling and stability of an apparatus. * Damping characteristics WRX Coilovers in the itinerary and test frequency prescribed relative simple harmonic motion, its resistance (F) and displacement (S) relationship for damping characteristics. Posed in a variety of speed curve (FS) said dynamometer.

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 The shock absorbers adjustable angle base Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

General tone suits the system is equipped with a hard and short strong spring coupled with high damping shock absorbers, RB26 crankshaft will have a more upscale vehicle height (commonly known as the cutter teeth shock) and body length (with the length different spring) adjustment function, there are many more high-end compression and tension damping adjustment. Due to limited space, the function and role of these adjustments on the shock absorbers along with modified parts will be on the other suspension systems such as the top bar, anti-roll bars and pads and the like. . The Swedish Rally with Ohlins front shock absorber is designed for use WRX Fuji, except light metals (antimony) manufactured by the body, Flashlight and substantial expertise height adjustment range, it was an external nitrogen bottles can also reduce the damping liquid temperature and prevent air bubbles, so the damping effect is more durable and smooth. Understeer (Understeer) commonly known as "Tuitou" refers to the scroll wheel but can slide out the front wheel tracking. The original lane, but the speed is too high, there will be fought, but the direction of the front wheels still deviate from the outside lane to bend slide phenomenon.        Oversteering (OverSteer), also known as "drift", the situation is the opposite with understeer, rear lane from the original slide to bend, the car has front wheel hit the opposite direction in order to eliminate this phenomenon. Unprepossessing, all kinds of high and low thickness (color) of the spring, is the dominant body above the ground, tilting degree and ride comfort of the important parts. Forward weight transfer during braking phenomenon, so this Ford Focus tail high tilt. Japan's Top Secret produced the "twisted tooth shock" - height adjustable shock absorbers, commonly known as Hong Kong-style. Its barrel is engraved with an adjustable height of the spring spring base, most people just use it to reduce the ride height, in fact, it's another important role is to adjust the load of four independent wheels (corner weight). The next issue will have a detailed explanation of the corner weight. 1. The shock absorber is not necessarily one pair for each axis, such as Formula Renault (Formula Renault) with monocular formula (Mono shock) designs. 2. This is a Mitsubishi EVO installed in the engine compartment of a pair of Rally external front shock absorber nitrogen bottles (after two silver cans placed above the engine). 3. Adjustable-height (Height Adjustable, also known as the cutter teeth shock) shock absorbers with a total of two sets of springs, which are red auxiliary spring (Helper Spring) and black main spring. In addition to the auxiliary spring can produce a progressive effect, the main role is to prevent and dangerous when the main spring (compression) rebound from the base. Unscrewing shock        Cutter teeth suspension (Height Adjustable Damper..) - Derived from racing technology, referring to adjustable (spring) Height Design (Hong Kong people commonly known as "twisted tooth" design) Impreza Shock absorber. As the name suggests, the biggest advantage is height adjustable shock absorbers can easily be adjusted independently of the body corners of ground clearance. When the car is stationary, the body of the four corners of the ground has a great influence on the weight of the wheel away from the position of: increased ground clearance left rear corner of the body, it increases its diagonal left rear wheels (ie right front) of the load, while the other on two wheels (front left and right rear wheels) corner of the load will be reduced. The opposite effect if reducing ground clearance. Therefore, to some extent, height-adjustable shock absorbers can be used to adjust include drivers and loads (steam) stationary fuel weight distribution (static weight distribution). In the racing field, professional team will make use of ground clearance and wheel loads relationship to calculate the weight of each angle of the wheel on the car (ie angular heavy corner weights), the weight carried by adjusting the angle of the car at the time there will be less dynamic vehicle weight transfer and better balance, can help to enhance the limit of the tire. In re-adjust the angle of the ideal, of course, when the vehicle weight can be evenly distributed (or for special effects and deliberately decrease individual wheel load). But in fact, in addition to Formula One racing can do ideal weight distribution, the vast majority of cars, including GT racing can not do it (FF RV worst, because the drivers, the weight of the engine and gearbox are concentrated in the front , severe natural imbalance). That far away, back to the civilian car, most fans will only play in the initial height adjustable shock absorbers modified look at this particular design, but then often no longer have patience for detailed adjustments (after each before driving according to the number of passengers, the seating position or on the road passing through the line to adjust the angle of each car load and distance from the ground is a very troublesome thing). Thus in addition to adjustable height, there are "twisted tooth" design damper performance is not necessarily stronger than those without. From a practical perspective, if only for the lower body and reduce tilt degree bend in the car, then simply change a short while stiffer springs with shock absorbers appropriate, may be more peace of mind. Have the opportunity, I will then unscrewing the shock of the impact of driving on meticulous tuning in more detail.

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 Optional shock absorber installation knowledge Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

A shape of some special but the humble rubber block that lets you drive to reduce the bumps, tilt sense, not only comfortable, evo crankshaft but also safer. To introduce a product called "shock-absorbing buffer" automotive supplies today. In general, for a new car, damping buffers play is to make driving more comfortable role; and when the damper spring with a long, often due to lack of flexibility and insensitive reaction, can easily lead to accidents. A shock-absorbing buffers can be modified to replace the damper spring complex and expensive prices. Elasticity index is the first purchase points Automotive supplies market in Beijing, the reporter found that many of these products brand, the quality is good and bad. Market Purchasing Guide told reporters, ostensibly technical content of this article is not high, many brands on the market and miscellaneous. But actually want to buy a suitable damping buffer with particular attention to its elasticity index. The product is installed in the cracks in shock-absorbing springs, the car in the moving process, damping springs back and forth non-stop beating, the product must have a strong elasticity and spring sports together, otherwise we lose the meaning of existence. How to test the elastic damping buffer it? Shopping guide staff said, after get a product, just hand to twist a few products. Do not worry it'll ruin. An elasticity index of qualified products will not be easily twisted bad. If all of a sudden they can not restore the prototype, then how can it withstand 2000 kg of the body, but also to withstand the impact of the vehicles during the instant it? The more common brands on the market include: Shoka, good life, Anderson Chi, TTC, ATC, security forces set and SPAO, Impreza WRX Shock absorber the price remained between a pair of 400 yuan -700 yuan. Too cheap products, we have to weigh that it is not plastic imitation, and therefore recommends that consumers buy branded products safer. Read more: http://rodsdsw.reismee.nl/reisverhaal/281756/parity-conversion-king-honda-civic-k6/ http://fashionlolo.blog4u.pl/komentarze-728505-toyota-crew-flow-with-corolla-3sge-vs-is200-2jzgte.html

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 Shock absorbers and body weight transfer Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Shock absorbers resistance can be divided into two parts, compression and rebound, compression resistance and hardness of the spring bonus, increase the strength of the spring actuation, while rebound resistance is occurred after shock compression of The spring by road rebound stroke, which is the biggest reason for the existence of 4G63 crankshaft, which is used to resist compression of the spring after the tire pressure back to the ground forces, slowing the rebound shocks and maintain stable vehicle. General road use of shock absorbers, shock-absorbing stroke resistance is typically much smaller than the rebound stroke, as it will affect the comfort of the road trip when the shock-absorbing too much resistance, when the impact of road vehicles for the rebound damping force and when the ratio is about 1: 3, but it was the car of 1: 2 to 1: 1.5, the higher the ratio will reduce comfort, but it can improve the way the tracking of irregular menstruation. Into the corner and out of the corners when the body weight is transferred (Weight Transfer) speed will affect the balance of manipulation, which affects the weight will continue until the transfer is complete, and the body weight transfer speed is controlled by shock absorbers, Lancer EVO Coilovers change in compression and speed of travel can change the body stretching momentum transfer speed. Shock absorbers harder the faster the weight transfer, weight transfer, the faster the car body steering response is also faster. Turn the steering wheel when cornering, the tires will produce a slip angle (Slip Angle), and produce a steering force, this force in rolling Center (Roll Center) and CG (Center of Gravity), and then lead to the transfer of body weight, body produce rolling (Roll). At this bend the outer wheel steering force will slip angle increases with body weight and increase the transfer, the car reaches the maximum steering force and completion will create a cornering posture (evo coilovers) after weight transfer, due to the avoidance shock control weight transfer speed cornering posture therefore also affect the speed of the establishment. Since the steering response to manipulation is very important, so we hope to establish cornering posture sooner the better, but not too fast, there must be time for the drivers to feel established cornering posture, and feel the tracking of the limit, if the weight riders will transfer too fast too late to feel, so set a body weight transfer speeds allow drivers to feel the heat close to the limit, and react is an important issue when setting the vehicle suspension. We often say that the team will depend on the drivers of vehicles have different settings on the suspension system settings, different drivers due to the different driving skills and habits, the feeling of steering response speed and reaction speed will be different, and therefore needs different suspension settings to obtain driver's full.

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