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- The new C4 PICASSO is officially unveiled
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 MG ZS Power inform Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

With the SUV market, more and more popular, MG brand will launch a position below the MG Rui Teng SUV models, new cars currently in China and Europe for road test, the future of new cars is expected to become a global model. Spy photos from the exposure point of view, the new car with a new design style. The overall shape compared to cash MG Rui Tang weakened the straight line design, looks more smooth. In addition, the new car's front face and headlamps using a new design language, it is expected that MG will also be the future of the new family-style design. On the MG ZS power information is still limited, according to foreign media forecasts, the new car or using the 1.5T turbocharged engine Rui Teng, maximum power of 169 horsepower, the peak torque of 250 Nm. Transmission, matching the engine or for the 6-speed manual and 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. MG brand as the second paragraph of the SUV models, the new car chose to position lower than the cash MG Rui Teng, or located in a small SUV, and the market is the rise in recent years, a new SUV level, not only in the domestic market The level in the popular in the rest of the global market is also in the gradual rise of the trend, so MG this new SUV is very likely in the future of other markets which also have a good performance.

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 STARTECH Wrangler review Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

STARTECH the new Wrangler's body shape up and down a lot of effort. Providing polished of Monostar IV 9Jx20 inch five-spoke alloy wheels, mated to a size of 285/50 R20 inch tires, not only improves the handling agility also increases driving safety. Sturdy side protection tube protects the pedal, while the frame can be partially blocked, spare tire cover made of high brightness stainless steel ring adds a touch of bright color. The new Wrangler first increase in the diesel version, STARTECH engine engineer for this common-rail diesel engine, 2.8 liters developed SD 4T conversion module. STARTECH will soon be equipped with an exhaust pipe for all sports jeep. Highly personalized oval stainless steel exhaust pipe fit golf mk3 lowering springs kits breakdown left and right sides, can produce more loud noise, while optimizing the power output, in the interior, Startech can not relax. Startech better not let every detail, not only welcome pedal uses STARTECH style shiny aluminum material, while the car is also equipped with STARTECH ergonomic sports steering wheel. Wrangler has been that all the fans were puzzled that even be reduced a lot of the four-door Wrangler were introduced by performance, why not strike while the introduction of the Jeep pickup version fit golf mk4 coil springs struts of the Wrangler to further improve its hardcore off-road glorious image? Mopar offers a complete conversion kit for the four versions of the Wrangler to be converted into a table with 50 inches by 44 inches (1.27 m * 1.11 m) size container Wrangler pickup. After this complete conversion kit Mopar blessing over Wrangler pickup was named Wrangler JK8 Independence. This allows to specifically talk about Wrangler pickup conversion kit to transform it. The glass fiber material are conversion kits designed for use Mopar, animal husbandry can do effectively reduce vehicle fit mk2 golf suspension kit weight centaurs considerable effect. Car wild temperament highlight their heart, ride it like a high-speed Mercedes-Benz wind uninhibited, free, Shackles, all the way to the wild.

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 Modified brand set at Teraflex Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Have you noticed this car JK different, except that it can easily climb, it can also rapidly driving gravel surface. In our contact with almost all climbing toward the modified JK efforts, in addition to the car, the other car is very difficult to speeding so fast gravel surface.     Although our modification efforts are towards a certain extreme, but often the pursuit of the ultimate consequence is that the vehicle becomes uneven. For example, we will climb to as much as possible to increase suspension fit Volvo XC90 Turbo travel, but after the increase suspension travel on the very lack of road feel and sense of control. For example, in order to pursue our road performance vehicle will be adjusted to be as close to the ground, but so that later we can not even out of the underground garage. For example, to sound more pure we are ready for large-size speakers and amplifiers, but this made us lose trunk space. Unless you are the best modification enthusiasts, otherwise, the conversion process is always balanced basic law before hands to fully verify the pros and cons. In the design process fit B5254T2 Turbo, this process is called D-FMEA, Chinese translation is the design process potential failure modes and effects analysis. Closer to home, here's a look at how this car is like JK between climbing and speed to achieve balance.     It is reported that JK car owners both like climbing a rocky cross-country, and he also has the speed fanatical pursuit. For such a seemingly fish and bear's paw requirements, his plan is to use as much shelf modified pieces fit OEM 30650634, and modified in a given brand Teraflex, while eliminating the need to produce their own too many parts.

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 Supertec 88mm turbo special forged pistons Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the power conversion portion of the vehicle based on the use of 2.3L cylinder block, put Supertec 88mm turbo special forged pistons, compression ratio to 8.5 to 1, in order to withstand the high pressurized strong pressure, the link is the use Cosworth forged H type parts, crank although the original product but after high to balance processing, and the size of the wave with Cosworth Division assembled. Theravada is the biggest key cylinder engine hardware, once the seat of honor into good exhaust efficiency, to enhance the rate of natural power is high, and this car is direct to the Cosworth engine Theravada custom modified products, the attendance for the piece forged aluminum alloy CNC precision turning together, just order it from abroad with the attendance asking price as high as 160,000 yuan, together with the valve, valve catheter, valve springs, valve caps are also using Cosworth strengthening products, and to use part of the camshaft Crower of parts, intake and exhaust gas angle of 270 degrees. On the selection of the turbine, the car with the HKS GT-RS Fengyun efficiency quite good products, HKS turbo profile Display this corresponds with 380 horsepower, which is mounted on a 2.3L engine seems to lack a bit, but the store this represents only the first phase of the conversion plan, then let the owners will put a greater adaptation of the turbine. The first turbine section, the wind sent by the stores themselves are produced Power Ready products, together with the turbine housing are made Coating process for the Tail 60mm wastegate parts, turbine inlet line is also to build their own, smaller blue object subjected to anodizing, while larger objects is based on the same color of paint to the construction and use of high-end Cosworth intake manifold, Power Ready 70mm increase the throttle, HKS intake relief valve, ARC charge air cooler, Power mushroom top.

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 Black and white Focus RS conversion show Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Anderson Germany is more famous abroad one tuner. Focus RS car black style is still the choice of black and red classic match. Matt body colors, red card inlay. Inside, black leather with red stitching, create an atmosphere of a sport. Power, after modification, the Focus RS this 2.5T engine can output 420 horsepower, while the original only 305 horsepower, upgrade is still very alarming. Watching black look white Focus RS cars modified cars, this is the hand surgeon by the German tuning MR Car Design technician, replace cutter teeth shock absorbers as well as the body weight loss is necessary, pure white body shows another publicity. Black and white all have love. Which one do you prefer? Power, tuning the Focus RS exhaust and the ECU, upgrading, and using the K & N use type "mushroom" so 2.5T engine upgrade from the original 305 horsepower to 360 horsepower, 100 kilometers acceleration time 5.9 seconds. This highly estimated the average domestic road temporarily can not walk again. In extremely beautiful thing engine configuration, which has 2.3 liters plus GT-RS turbine power up 462.5 of the spectrum, it is quite amazing! After solving the problem of computer seal substantially Focus of power conversion potential is considerable, from 2.0L to 2.5L all relevant hardware modifications to strengthen the abdominal everything, as long as sufficient funds do not have to worry about not have to change. The introduction of the Focus car can be said for long out of the top section of the modified car, is not only good material is exhausted, the power to enhance the range and acceleration performance is converted Focus domestic crown, then take a look at this car in the end how hot Chili car!

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