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By the British team developed supersonic car "Blood Hound" (Bloodhound) will be October 26 this year in the United Kingdom Cornish New York Airport runway test, is expected to reach 322 km per hour, and will be the end of next year in the South Africa Desert Challenge World Record. "Blood Hound" manufactured by the United Kingdom, cost up to 10 million pounds (according to 1 pound = 8.6495 yuan conversion, equivalent to about 86.5 million yuan), the maximum speed of up to 1000 miles / hour (1609 km / h).
In fact, the "Blood Hound", in October in the United Kingdom Cornish Newquay airport runway test is only a "slow" test drive. Compared to its maximum speed of 1609 km / h, is expected to reach 322 km per hour is clearly in the "jogging", F1 racing straight top speed is about 380 km / h. One of the reasons for the "jogging" is that the 2744-meter-long airport runway is too short to drive at full speed. In addition, since the original design of the hybrid rocket engine mounted on the top of the car has not yet been completed, the "blood hound" test was carried only by the loaded European "Typhoon" fighter engine.
The British Broadcasting Corporation quoted the design team as saying that the runway test in October was to improve the performance of the "Hounded Hound" in order to regain some "Hounded Hound" data, which was significant for challenging the world record in South Africa next year. Mark Chapman, the team's chief engineer, said the test will be an exciting time for the team from design to actual operation. At the same time, it will also be a good display platform, Chapman looks forward to attract more investment to solve a few subsequent issues.
The current world record of car driving is 1228 kilometers per hour. Hybrid Rocket Engine R & D is completed, the "Blood Hound" is expected to challenge the world record in two phases, respectively, to achieve 1287 km and 1609 km per hour.
According to previously reported, "Blood Hound" pencil-shaped shell is made of aviation grade aluminum forged, the body length of about 13.4 meters, the weight is 7.5 tons, 1.83 meters in diameter wheels are made of high strength titanium alloy, which is to To prevent the wheel speed too fast and fly out from the body.
The Soldier Hound was able to reach the Sonics because it was equipped with a new fighter engine, and when the vehicle was accelerated to 300 mph, a hybrid rocket engine located on the roof would continue to accelerate for the vehicle; the rocket engine included a Traditional rockets and a separate engine fuel pump, which allows the "blood hound" maximum power to reach 135000 horsepower, equivalent to 180 F1 racing power.
It is understood that the runway test in October will be the former British Royal Air Force pilot Racing Rods Andy Green (Andy Green) Lieutenant Colonel is responsible for driving, the end of next year's South African Desert challenge world record tour will be completed by it. Andy Green is also one of the R & D and designers of the "Hound Hound" supersonic car.

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 Sareni Camaro GT: monstrous machine Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Reiter Engineering, a German company specializing in customized vehicles, introducing updating your Lamborghini LP 600 GT3 now reveals, ignition coil pack under the brand Sareni United, a new race car face to face This is the 2012 Camaro GT, a real monster homologated by the FIA and focused on one thing: running circuit.   The Camaro GT under the hood a V8 7.9-liter engine that develops a whopping 650 hp and nearly 600 lb-ft of torque. As with other vehicles of the company as the Reiter Gallardo, the engine is mated to a Holinger sequential gearbox six-speed semi-automatic.   As is to be expected in all the great racing machine spoiler and diffuser impressive welcome us as we look to the vehicle. 200SX Shock absorber Changes to improve aerodynamics include a reduction in the ride height for the Camaro is more glued to the road.   The monotuerca wheels racing in black color, the escape after the front wheels or the hood properly ventilated to cool the beast as V8 that hosts are some of the details that culminate design, although only functional, it's design and we love.   Inside we have everything you need: safety roll cage, racing steering wheel, bucket seats, an iPad that functions as a display and provides information about the vehicle and not much else, as the interior is fully lightened.   The creators of the beast believe it will be a good and affordable option for many teams who want to participate in athletics. 240SX Shock absorber The price of Sareni United Camaro GT is about 195,000 euros, without taxes. Related Articles: http://blogs.rediff.com/bestcarlo/2014/10/15/range-rover-sport-by-overfinch-taken-to-the-extreme/ http://bestcarlo.blog26.mmm.me/mmmblog-entry-13.html

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 Porsche Cayenne by Status Design Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Yes, it is ugly and eager, but the taste is in each person who sees it, so I will just see it as an artistic appreciation of another part of the world (adjustable coilovers). Status Design is a Russian trainer house which has dared to apply this change to the Porsche Cayenne you closer to a spaceship than a SUV. The modified front fascia entire, which hosts a formula car style nose, while the lower part has unusually large air intakes. Rounding out this strange front LED lights. To the side has a plastic insert that comes in color to the front grille and side deflector, contrasting with the rest of the body. If you notice in the picture, has a sort of rear side but right at the end of the wing doors which will not see any profit or aerodynamic aesthetic. What salvageable sight are the 21-inch wheels in 5-arm. As we can see there are no pictures of the back because fortunately does not exist because it is a design exercise, 240SX Adjustable coilovers let's hope it stays that way as a toy or get some bizarre superhero. Related Articles: http://ameblo.jp/maxslmuud/

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 Tuning: VW GTI and Polo Worthersee 2009 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The Worthersee Show, which takes place in Austria, next to the lake of the same name is used by certain brands to present modified versions of its vehicles, in this 2009 edition, the German Volkswagen has introduced two models whose improvements are primarily focused in the aesthetic section. The GTI is painted in a red color called Firespark, the 19-inch wheels are painted in black, the cabin carries certain customization items and micas headlights and skulls have been obscured, the 210hp 2.0 TFSI remains unchanged. With regard to Polo, wearing a red paint with black lines, the wheels are 18-inch Budapest also painted black, sport exhaust and darkening of some elements of the body are the highlights. Inside, the air conditioning vents, steering wheel and console parts carry a type lacquer finished, the seats are covered in leather and microfiber. In the mechanical modest 1.4 MPI 86hp is responsible for propelling the vehicle.

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 There are adjustable shock absorbers Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

There are adjustable shock absorber damping quickly switch between third gear, the switching time is typically a few milliseconds, there are actually adjustable damper control valve using a relatively simple structure makes the damper flow area in there were between the maximum level adjustment, adjustable camber plate medium or minimum. There are adjustable damper control by the damper at the top of the rotary valve motor rotational position of the shock absorber damping in soft / medium / hard varied between third gear, there are adjustable shock absorber structure and control system is relatively simple, but there are some limitations in adapting to changes in the car driving conditions and road conditions, respect, adjustable shock absorber design is the key to the development of advanced valve technology, to increase the number of file changes the damping shorten the switching time and thus makes complex applications possible control strategies to further improve the control quality suspension. Stepless adjustable shock absorbers Stepless adjustable shock absorber damping adjustment may take the following ways: (1) throttle aperture adjustment: stepper motor driven by continuously adjusting the shock absorber shock absorber stem the flow area, to change the damping throttle valve or other forms of drive to achieve. The main problem with such a complex structure of the damper throttle is high manufacturing cost. (2) damping fluid viscosity adjustment: continuously controllable using sticky new functional materials electrorheological or magnetorheological fluid as a damping fluid, in order to achieve infinitely variable damping, ERF under an applied electric field, which the rheological material properties (such as shear strength and the apparent viscosity and so will vary significantly, such a current into the shock absorber and an electric field between the inner and outer cylinders by varying the field strength so that the viscosity change in the current of the liquid, thereby shock absorber damping force change due to the current damper damping can change with the electric field intensity and continuous change, this is a better choice. But there are more problems ERF, the electroluminescence yield strength is small, not wide temperature operating range, high zero field viscosity, specific gravity between the suspension of solid particles and liquid foundation difference between the larger, easy separation, sedimentation stability is poor, sensitive to impurities such as damper difficult to adapt to the current long-term stable operation. For current Damper responsive, reliable, BMW 3 Series Coilovers must address the following issues: the design of a small size, light weight, and can be adjusted to the high voltage power supply; to ensure the normal operating temperature ERF must design a cooling system; when filling ERF, to ensure that no pollution; excellent performance ERF; insulated high voltage power supply and packaging. Current Damper there are some products available in foreign countries. Such as Germany's commercial ER fluids and current Damper and the United States related products. Magnetorheological fluid is defined as the applied magnetic field, the material properties change drastically rheological fluid, the magneto-rheological fluid into the magneto-rheological damper can be achieved by controlling the magnetic field strength magnetorheological shock absorber damping continuous, stepless adjustable. Magnetorheological damper has the same characteristics of ER damper, the response is slower than the current Damper, mainly magnetorheological fluid magnetization and demagnetization takes time. Usually magnetorheological damper piston cylinder structure, MRF pathway have separate bypass orifice or piston located on composition. Applying a magnetic field in the MRF path, according to the structure can be divided into single-and dual-rod piston rod piston structure structure. Single cylinder piston rod design magnetorheological damper has been used in large truck driver's seat semi-active suspension damping system. Features magnetorheological fluid problem is that the response time is long, cumbersome structure, rheological properties and stability still needs improvement. ERF magnetorheological fluid properties and the successful development of the current, from the point of view that they can meet the material properties of automotive work requirements, but in terms of performance yield stress, temperature range, the plastic viscosity and stability, strong magnetic fluid flow edge at ERF, which is chosen as the primary factor magnetorheological fluid semi-active suspension system damping fluid damper. Its main problem is to achieve power and reduce noise generated within the shock absorber fluid turbulence is very difficult.

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 Damper drive Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Controllable damper drive a rotary valve way, way bypass valves, piezo drive, magneto-rheological controlled manner and the permanent magnetic DC Linear Servo motor-driven methods. Way rotary valve is treated stepper motor drive signal sent by the controller unit to drive the rotation of the rotary valve, camber plates change the size of the shock absorber damping hole that meets the system requirements change damping force. The bypass valve is opened by way of a solenoid valve according to the signal issued by the switch controller means of a solenoid valve corresponds to an increase in the passage orifice, and thereby changing the total area of ​​the orifice, and that meets the step-change in the damping system requirements force. Piezo-driven approach within the shock absorber piston rod, install piezoelectric actuators and piezoelectric sensors. BMW e36 Shock absorber The piezoelectric actuator piezoelectric element by 88 superposition role in the DC voltage piezoelectric element will stretch the displacement amplification chamber through displacement amplification switching valve can be opened to form a shunt circuit, so as to obtain a small damping. Road conditions using piezoelectric sensors can be passed to the front shock absorber detected electronic control unit which controls the rear shock absorber damping. The magneto-rheological way is to use magnetic fields to control the electronic control unit sends a voltage or current signal control magnetorheological damper coil generates a high voltage transformer to achieve continuous stepless adjustment of the damping. Permanent Magnet DC Linear Servo Motor Drive mode is linear motion directly controlled by linear Servomotor. High motor drive efficiency, fast response, high sensitivity, randomness is good, control and stability. Currently, permanent magnet DC linear servo motor applications widely used in spacecraft, and their driving performance is better than the hydraulic actuator.

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