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- The new C4 PICASSO is officially unveiled
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 AMG E 63 Drift capability Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The AMG E 63 is theoretically capable of drifting, and the standard drift mode on the AMG E 63 S proves that the 4MATIC + is really fun to drive. When Race Mode is selected, the drift mode can be activated via the two paddles on the rear of the steering wheel, where ESP is turned off and the gearbox enters manual mode. When entering the drift mode, AMG E 63 S into a fully rear-wheel drive vehicle, does not automatically return to the four-wheel drive mode, only in the driver to close the drift mode before returning to a timely four-wheel drive. In the rear differential, the normal version of the AMG E 63 uses a mechanical rear differential, while the AMG E 63 S uses an electrically controlled rear differential. Both rear differentials can reduce the slip of the inner wheels when the vehicle fit MK2 lowering coil springs kit‎ is turning without the intervention of the braking system, can be accelerated earlier when the vehicle is out of the curve, and more stable in rapid deceleration, but the S version The use of electronically controlled rear differential, or more because of drift mode. Can be said that, because the use of electronic control after the differential, which makes the AMG E 63 S can easily enter the drift mode for the owners to provide easy to get driving pleasure, unlike the need for mechanical differential rear wheel To produce a certain speed difference before starting drift. In the suspension fit Audi A4 lowering springs structure of the vehicle, the AMG E 63 series also uses an improved suspension structure that provides ample comfort when the vehicle owner needs comfort and sufficient support for the vehicle when the driver is in need of intense driving. In addition, when the vehicle is in comfort mode, when the vehicle speed between 60-160km / h, just release the accelerator pedal, the engine will automatically disconnect the transmission system, the vehicle into the taxi mode, this function Contributing to AMG E 63 S in improving fuel economy. The strongest engine fit Audi B7 lowering springs kits in the history, the first-ever gearbox and the all-new four-wheel-drive system have transformed the AMG E 63 S into one of the strongest and most fun driving E-Class AMG models ever, , Glide mode and air suspension and so on turn this E class AMG vehicle model to become a high comfort high fuel economy administrative level passenger car. AMG E 63 S can be said to wear a tuxedo is a sportsman, can be described as text to force.

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 9-speed MCT gearbox Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

So the whole, this first appeared in the 9-speed MCT gearbox is only in the original 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission on the basis of the rewrite of the software and torque converter to replace, reducing the weight of the gearbox , Enabling extremely short shift times and continuous downshifting, as well as optimized throttle response speed, especially in the case of rapid acceleration and load changes, making the engine power transmission faster and more efficient, so that better vehicle performance . But if only the pursuit of excellent performance fit Ford Focus lowering springs, why not use the AMG E 63 S equipped with AMG GT and SLS on the one from the two-clutch gearbox Ge Tecla it? In fact, the reason is simple: This is a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, even if it is AMG models, still have to take into account the ride comfort comfort and shift, and dual-clutch gearbox is difficult to ensure that. So in the use of traditional planetary gear set to ensure the comfort of smooth shift, but also by replacing the torque converter to multi-plate clutch to improve performance and efficiency. I believe this 9-speed MCT gearbox fit MK2 lowering springs kits in the future will also be a large area instead of the current number of AMG models used on the 7-speed MCT automatic transmission. In the previous generation E63, the four-wheel drive system 4MATIC power will be distributed according to the ratio of 33:67 front and rear axle, and in the current AMG E 63 S, the four-wheel drive system becomes more intelligent and more powerful, as assigned to before and after The torque of the shaft is infinitely variable for the first time. Similarly, you can see from its name, because the new four-wheel drive system fit Focus MK2 Lowering Suspension Kit has a new name: 4MATIC +.

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 Power and suspension Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The two cars in the power part of the configuration using exactly the same, they are used Volkswagen EA211 1.4T turbocharged engine, coupled with 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Suspension, Wei Ling and Lang line is also used in exactly the same design, the front suspension for the McPherson independent suspension, rear suspension for the torsion beam non-independent suspension, and the use of spring and shock absorber separation of the layout of the program , Is conducive to optimizing the car ride and storage space. This is the two models in the design of a distinctive, but for the appearance and interior design that requires aesthetic considerations, I believe everyone has different views. Like these two cars, like some people will like Wei Ling's cross-border and sporty, it was more inclined to become a steady low-key. As to how to choose, depends entirely on your personal preferences. From the configuration point of view, both cars with electric heating mirrors, parking radar and support for USB, SD card and Bluetooth audio access to the central control entertainment system. But in the security configuration, most of them are equipped with body stability control system, but the line of passive safety to be superior: it has a front side airbags and front and rear head curtain air curtain, the passenger's safety is more comprehensive. At the same time, its seat and steering wheel also used a leather package, more grades. Although more than Lang line more than a full line of standard panoramic sunroof and roof rack, but in this part of the edit more inclined to secure configuration more line.

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 Riding and storage space Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

As the Department of the same door of the two models, their wheelbase is almost the same, in addition to the line of the front row head space was better than Wei collar, two cars ride space performance is more similar. But in terms of storage space performance is different, Wei Ling's trunk volume is larger, can lay down more objects. While the Long line of conventional storage space inside the car performed better, more convenient when used daily. Height 176cm experience in the front of the two cars can get comfortable sitting position, adjust the seat to the lowest, Wei collar front of the head space remaining four fingers, while the line is still the remaining three-finger punch. The latter's front head space performance is significantly better than the former, able to adapt to more high-height drivers and passengers ride. Rear ride experience two car performance is very close, Wei collar head and leg space were punched and punched more than, the line is obtained four fingers of the head space and the same fist more than the leg space. But it is worth mentioning that the rear of the two cars raised the central channel of the floor are relatively high, affecting the ride comfort. In the trunk of the storage capacity of the performance, Wei Ling will have to win a chip. Thanks to the longer body size, the car can be 20 inches, 24 inches and 28 inches of suitcase placed in the trunk side of the vertical, although the height of the luggage compartment enough to put down 28 inches luggage compartment, but As the depth is not enough, the overall performance is less than the former.

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 CS95 configuration leapfrog style Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The launch of the CS95 a total of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive of the points, the four-wheel drive system from BorgWarner, a strong cross-country self-confidence to improve off-road. In addition, CS95 there are three posture mode for the owners timely choice. Through CAE simulation analysis, as well as in professional and public roads beyond the standard test drive, combined with Dunlop high-performance tires and chassis + EPS adjustment, control and comfort achieved a perfect unity. In addition, CS95 configuration also continued Changan leapfrog style fit Discovery IV TDV6 Turbo. For example, the HDC ramp control system, when the ramp is greater than 4% will be involved, ACC adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, APA automatic parking assist and so on are readily available. Security, CS95 won the C-NCAP five-star standard, highlighting the protection of pedestrians, as well as LED headlamps, AFS adaptive headlamps, comfort configuration fit Discovery IV TDV6 Turbo Replacement is equipped with intelligent partition automatic air conditioning, Pioneer brand speakers. Space, CS95 depot 4949mm, width 1930mm, high 1785mm, wheelbase reached 2810mm, reached the same level of excellent level. In the parameters, beyond the same level of the mainstream products Toyota joint venture Toyota fit TD04L Turbo and Sharp and other industry.

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