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 Rear suspension contrast Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Jaguar XFL rear suspension are known as multi-link independent rear suspension, but their specific structure has a very big difference, let's take a look at their respective characteristics. Both rear axles are made of steel and the suspension arms are made of aluminum alloy to reduce unsprung mass and improve handling. Jaguar XFL uses a multi-link independent rear suspension. Officially known as "Integral link suspension", the Chinese translation for the "overall link suspension." The suspension system, developed by Ford, is designed to replace the SLA Control Blade independent rear suspension system (ie, a four-link independent suspension with longitudinal control arms) for older Mondeo, Focus and other models. Jaguar was a subsidiary of Ford, of course, also won the right to use the new suspension system. The main objective of this suspension system is to enhance comfort and reduce suspension noise without compromising the handling of existing suspension systems (ie SLA Control Blade independent rear suspension systems). When the rear wheel pressure to the obstacle, the Jaguar XFL's rear suspension will produce a certain "concessions" to reduce the forward movement of the wheels and obstacles to the extent of head-on collision to enhance the rear ride comfort. Integrated link can also inhibit the wheels hit the obstacle or the bearing when the torsion occurred, so as to avoid the four-wheel positioning parameters change affect the handling performance. The upper end of the shock absorber of the two cars are arranged in the inside of the wheel arch to facilitate the arrangement of long stroke shock absorber. Compared to short-stroke shock absorbers, long stroke absorber vibration absorption stroke longer, can better absorb vibration, while lower heat, to enhance durability have some help.

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 Automotive Multimedia Communication Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

SYNC car multimedia communications, interactive entertainment systems and other intelligent technology configuration has become the Ford SUV standard In addition to the above highlights, the Ford SUV family also combines strong power handling, high through the sex and excellent SUV off-road performance. Some time ago in the Changbai Mountain Ford to do a snow test drive activities, DearAuto had the honor to attend. Generally speaking, snow and ice test drive activities race parts are usually selected in the relatively harsh natural conditions of the land, the external environment for the formation of a great test of the vehicle, coupled with the test drive of the foothold mainly on the ice control characteristics, the product control And reliability requirements are not low. So do a variety of ice and snow test drive project, you can better test the vehicle's true performance performance car parts. Driving in the snow, the Ford Escape and the Ford Sharp sector, have pretty good vehicle stability and safety. Thanks to AWD intelligent four-wheel drive system, body stabilization system (ESC) and anti-roll stability system (RSC) and a series of configurations, really made me feel full of security. Ford's wingspan has no problem in the snow, because it has the same level of excellent high ground clearance performance performance parts, through sexual and climbing performance can also meet the snow road conditions.

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 Suzuki Katana latest concept renderings Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Japan's famous motorcycle magazine "Young Machine" recently released a Suzuki Katana effect diagram, the figure of this classic personality models from the four-cylinder into a six-cylinder, is the juxtaposition of six-cylinder models really want to re-present Mainstream cars in it? Suzuki Katana, also known as "Suzuki Knife", 1979 Suzuki on the use of the "Katana" to name the car, and we know "GSX 1100S Katana" is officially on sale since 1981, since "Katana" On the basic stereotypes, and introduced 1100mL, 750mL, 500mL, 250mL different displacement cars Engine Parts. Its side-by-side four-cylinder, anti-human instrument panel, the strange shape of the front is also deeply imprinted in the hearts of every Suzuki fans. Suzuki launched the last generation of "SuzukiGSX 1100S Katana Final Edition" in 2000, after which, we are familiar with "GSX-R" and "GSX-S" series officially replaced Katana, Suzuki mainstream street cars and sports models aftermarket auto parts. Suzuki Stratosphere concept car, shape resembles the year's GSX 1100S Katana, people reverie is not limited, and the use of a parallel six (6), "Suzuki Stratosphere" concept car, Cylinder engine, is to make thousands of Suzuki fans crazy, we are looking forward to mass production of this car, but after no audio. In 2013, Suzuki a turbocharged motorcycle concept map exposure, the car some Cafe Racer style, but not tied for four cylinders, the shape is similar to Katana engine parts uk, and there are patent outflow. This is the latest news of Katana in recent years, until the "Young Machine" updated the new concept map of Katana, people on the legendary personality models and fantasy.

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 Chery Ai Ruize 7 and Roewe 360 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Chery Automobile's biggest bright spot than in recent years, the appearance of the progress of the modeling, and as the flagship fashion sports modeling Irider 7 is a stylish dynamic appearance. Light has a beautiful shape and can not impress all consumers, interior design seems to be equally full of fashion and sports. Three-style multi-function steering wheel wrapped with leather sutures, high-equipped models with keyless entry and a key to start the trend of a configuration does not fall. Of course, leather seats, central control interconnection system configuration also allows consumers to feel value for money. Roewe 350 has been introduced, with its stylish appearance and excellent quality to win the recognition of consumers. The Roewe Roewe 350 is also made on the basis of the upgrade, introduced a more stylish appearance, more powerful Roewe 360. Roewe 360 compared to the Roewe 350 more movement, a sharp dive of the front and a short tail box highlights its fashion big coffee impression. The Roewe 360 compared to the 350 biggest change is to provide a 1.4TGI direct injection engine, the maximum power of 115 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 235 Nm, power for such a compact car is already quite surging.

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 Geely new Dorsett sedan and Chuanqi GA3 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Geely Dili is the first car into the high-end Geely cars, since the launch of sales and reputation are very good, especially the safety performance has been affirmed by consumers. The new Imperial in appearance to make some adjustments, the vehicle looks more stylish but still retains the old section of the atmosphere of the modeling design. The new LED daytime running lights and five-piece aluminum alloy wheels for the new Dihao in the movement are revealed in the movement style. Power is 1.3T turbocharged engine and 1.5L naturally aspirated engine to replace the more costly 1.6L naturally aspirated engine oil. In recent years, the company has gradually expanded its product line, from the GS4 to GS8 market performance can be seen on the Guangzhou-Qi Chuan-car intentions, and Chuan-Qi GA3 also has a high cost. Chuanqi GA3 and the mainstream mobile Internet is not the same, not only allows mobile phones and the control of large-screen interconnection, you can also map the entire mobile phone screen to the control screen, through the control of the big screen to be able to operate the phone software, and Use more fluent. In the body suspension, GA3 also uses the same level models are almost impossible to configure the rear multi-link independent suspension system to improve the height of the vehicle stability and ride comfort.

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