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By the British team developed supersonic car "Blood Hound" (Bloodhound) will be October 26 this year in the United Kingdom Cornish New York Airport runway test, is expected to reach 322 km per hour, and will be the end of next year in the South Africa Desert Challenge World Record. "Blood Hound" manufactured by the United Kingdom, cost up to 10 million pounds (according to 1 pound = 8.6495 yuan conversion, equivalent to about 86.5 million yuan), the maximum speed of up to 1000 miles / hour (1609 km / h).
In fact, the "Blood Hound", in October in the United Kingdom Cornish Newquay airport runway test is only a "slow" test drive. Compared to its maximum speed of 1609 km / h, is expected to reach 322 km per hour is clearly in the "jogging", F1 racing straight top speed is about 380 km / h. One of the reasons for the "jogging" is that the 2744-meter-long airport runway is too short to drive at full speed. In addition, since the original design of the hybrid rocket engine mounted on the top of the car has not yet been completed, the "blood hound" test was carried only by the loaded European "Typhoon" fighter engine.
The British Broadcasting Corporation quoted the design team as saying that the runway test in October was to improve the performance of the "Hounded Hound" in order to regain some "Hounded Hound" data, which was significant for challenging the world record in South Africa next year. Mark Chapman, the team's chief engineer, said the test will be an exciting time for the team from design to actual operation. At the same time, it will also be a good display platform, Chapman looks forward to attract more investment to solve a few subsequent issues.
The current world record of car driving is 1228 kilometers per hour. Hybrid Rocket Engine R & D is completed, the "Blood Hound" is expected to challenge the world record in two phases, respectively, to achieve 1287 km and 1609 km per hour.
According to previously reported, "Blood Hound" pencil-shaped shell is made of aviation grade aluminum forged, the body length of about 13.4 meters, the weight is 7.5 tons, 1.83 meters in diameter wheels are made of high strength titanium alloy, which is to To prevent the wheel speed too fast and fly out from the body.
The Soldier Hound was able to reach the Sonics because it was equipped with a new fighter engine, and when the vehicle was accelerated to 300 mph, a hybrid rocket engine located on the roof would continue to accelerate for the vehicle; the rocket engine included a Traditional rockets and a separate engine fuel pump, which allows the "blood hound" maximum power to reach 135000 horsepower, equivalent to 180 F1 racing power.
It is understood that the runway test in October will be the former British Royal Air Force pilot Racing Rods Andy Green (Andy Green) Lieutenant Colonel is responsible for driving, the end of next year's South African Desert challenge world record tour will be completed by it. Andy Green is also one of the R & D and designers of the "Hound Hound" supersonic car.

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The Abt highlights at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 are Up, Beetle, and AS6 Avant QS3. Evident is the strengthened quartet at the gray-red stripes that stretch over the vehicles. Tuner Abt shows the Geneva Fair audience his Sportline 2012 It is made up, Beetle, and AS6 Avant QS3 and characterized optically gray-red stripes running over the vessels from. But most striking is probably the inflated up. With design elements such as mirror caps, hub caps, headlight covers and side skirts are making the little big. The Beetle is thanks to Abt 240 hp for "Speedy Beetle" and shows the optically with 20-inch alloy wheels and panels on the headlights and the taillights. Performance is also the Abt QS3 the keyword. In the strongest version of its 2.0 TSI engine delivers 270 hp. Abt AS6 Avant still remains that with a 360 hp diesel with plenty of power under the hood tuned. From the outside the powerhouse to the modified body parts consisting of side skirts, front and rear spoiler and rear skirt set with the distinctive four tailpipes can be seen.

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Make noble tuner not stop at Ferrari.bmw turbocharger 458 Italia, California or Enzo - we have compiled the most egregious examples of the tricked-out cars. Purists believe that tuners have kindly let the fingers of a Ferrari. Verschlimmbesserung is the buzzword. But it can smile the professionals of finishing just tired. At best, they drive the Scuderia namely with up to 1000 hp to the ears. Visually, the most hottest tuned Ferrari-iron of all time is limited to 25 vehicles Gemballa MIG U1. Before Uwe Gemballa was murdered in early 2010, he built the 700-hp low-flying aircraft on Enzo-based one monument. Also only 25 pieces it should be from the New Stratos, the Cobuger the entrepreneur Michael Stoschek was finished at Pininfarina in 2010. It remained in a single copy, because Ferarri had prohibited the small series. Overview: All news and tests for Ferrari Another big number comes from Hamann Motorsport from Laupheim in Swabia. When Black Miracle is a martial aufgebrezelten Ferrari F430 Novitec Rosso also from built its own supercar, the TuLesto with 777 hp.vw turbo The optical overkill for the 599 GTB produced in Wiesbaden at Graf Weckerle imperial carriage, the power level on the top drives the American tuner Underground Racing with over 1000 hp in the 458 Italia. Lots tuned Ferrari you see above in the gallery!

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 The fastest M6 in the world Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

G-Power makes 2,010 befitting end with a piece of bad news to the competition.Impreza GDB Coilovers The Hurricane RR based on the BMW M6 to 800 hp lift well over 370 things. Top 300 km / h, this announcement placed in the classic car quartet the opponent in checkmate rows. Nowadays, calling such values ​​provides just a tired smile. Since making namely the PS cars from G-Power, the sports car league uncertain, hardly a vehicle-class record messages from the tuner is spared. Current proclamation: G-Power is based in his own words the "fastest four-seat coupe in the world". The already presented in 2009 Hurricane CS has been revised and Hurricane RR. The power increased from 750 hp to a whopping 800 horsepower. The maximum torque of 800 Nm is at 5000 rpm. With the recent increase in performance of the G-Power Hurricane RR the speed record of Hurricane RS of 367.4 km / h (ignition coil pack) is to make clear in the shade. At least 370 to pace the potent BMW coupe burn in the high score list. The tuned six-way, based on the BMW M6 with its high-revving five-liter V10 engine. From work normally at 507 hp. G-Power is the tuning on the already proven ASA compressors, a proprietary charge-air cooling system, Mahle pistons and connecting rods reinforced. The Conversion of a Series M6 for Hurricane costs including appearance package, 20-inch forged wheels and suspension solution well above 70,000 euros.

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Madman Tag! The "high performance ignition coils" combines the best of two worlds sports car. The dynamic bodywork comes from the Lamborghini Murciélago, the technique of Porsche Boxster S. Now is the unique for sale. Neither fish nor fowl - not a real Porsche more, but not a real Lamborghini. The future owner of this Lamborghini Murcielago replica will have a hard time making friends. Häme in the Porsche camp and laughter at the Italian "Familia" are programmed. Talented crafters hands have a 2000 Porsche Boxster S missed the "distinctive" Lamborghini look. The dealer who wants to sell the car now sounds: "Your neighbors will not notice the difference." We doubt on this statement. By the time the 252 hp six-cylinder boxer losrasselt in the tail of the bull-copy, the Fake entlarft. Finally, the real Murcielago is powered by a six-liter V12. Nearly 33,000 euros demanded by the seller for the auto-mix with already 132,181 miles on the clock. Pretty steep in comparison with a new Boxster S (in the USA from 42 980 €). But quite a bargain for a Murciélago Roadster. It exists also in America as a new car not under 287,000 euros. According to traders a lot of money,GDB Coilovers time and patience has gone into the renovation. Because the Porsche was stretched in length to Murciélago format, even rolls on original rims of the Italian super sports car. Interior dominated black leather, plus there's bull embroidery on seats and floor mats. And the classic Porsche instruments. There is a small fabric hood that is clamped between the windscreen and the rear as in the original Lambo. Although the unadorned roof construction is not pretty, but at least keeps the occupants dry.

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 Light changes carnival ST (MK7) Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Street beat the previous period Appreciation "tenderness backlog of goods in Guangdong Province (June-July) Street beat" in a widened fender carnival ST (MK7) into the eyes of people, I do not know how their response, as was the the photographer, Xiao Bian some small excitement, and thus come up with mobile phones look the other highlights, the original "trick" do not throw out much eye-catching package, but the air dam around the area, there is a small detail changes people Lenovo too, by a straight duct straight to the AP Racing 5200 braking system, with half of Toyo Proxes R888 tires melt has a decent grip, as well as the strength of the original 180, this car is not fun when pigs fly , but unfortunately the car quite interesting small steel gun belongs to the category of street shooting, from "She Bangs" to "somewhat sad" mood, I can only know what to do, before parting look back a look, leaving no deep homes. Long after, actually be able to re-"encounter", can not help but lament the fate once again, met by chance encounter, usually refers to Nannvzhiqing, but small series of the "encounter" as "contains deep emotion" and "deep prefer covertly Review "I feel, is a peek into the feeling. Once again encounter Carnival ST, details get outside again throwing suite appreciation, sparse rivets clearly visible, their fighting style to create not every vehicle owner can accept, but the resulting visual tension believe everyone determined to feel it. There is no need, completely depends on the owners own fathom effort. Although compared to ordinary Fiesta, Fiesta ST's original vicious body has changed, but the overall feeling is still showing the kind of walk hatchback style fashion circles, the former face "ST" badge is not high in cognitive models in front of people, it would not achieve the slightest "reminder" effect, soft style into the overall style of aggressive, there is a strong driving force 180's blessing, so what? Pathetic people understand it, many people do not understand that it was a terrorist.

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