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 BMW 518d Touring in review: rich 143 hp for the large Bayern? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The BMW 518d is the cheapest of five, who is currently having. With a base price of 39,900 euros, the sedan scrapes narrowly missing the magic forty thousand, the combined costs 42,400 euros. For this, there's the fives with a 143-hp two-liter diesel engine. Naturally raises the question of whether the large Munich befitting moving forward with this engine. In recent beginners, the 520d, at least 184 hp from the same unit to be fetched. The smallest diesel now gets first diesel in the five-set a formal not quite correct "18" in the name. The gasoline-variants are the 18er's for a long time. You often heralded by boredom and glue-pot mentality. How does the 518d will hit (universal turbos)? Test car well stocked As a test car we have a station wagon, which is traditionally called Touring BMW. The comparatively small engine makes the storage space Bavaria for fleet managers as for higher-income fathers equally interesting. The BMW press department has kindly drawn from the solid and the list of extras pretty well executed. Now although we have an almost fully-equipped BMW stand, but a test car price of just under 72,000 euros can even auto editors Once swallow. This should be an entry level (Fiat turbo)? Good usable storage compartment The packaging of the small diesel is a familiar sight, the current 5 Series is already on the market since 2010 and has worked with the make-up pen 2013 just a bit. As a combination, he brings quite ordinary storage qualities. For a trump card in the car quartet but it was enough, as traditionally, BMW estate cars, not. 560 liters fit in the normal state of the rear seats in, 1,670 liters if you fold down the backrests. A Mercedes E-Class swallows the maximum value of almost 300 liters more. For the BMW trunk can be well loaded and folded down seats there's an almost flat base. Correct fine inventions are details such as the separately opening rear window and when the curtain which swings open as if by magic, if you tear open the disc or the big mouth. Well stocked Cockpit The space behind the wheel is as usual the best thing in a big BMW. Since the Munich have again built around the cockpit just around the driver, they will feel as in control of events. Control elements such as the iDrive controller on the center console are easy to reach, the large screen in the dashboard can be read without glare. The car had driven by us comfortable, stop giving sports seats on board, but these cost extra charge. For this, there's the "driving experience switch" next to the selector lever already factory. By pressing a button, the switching times of the optional eight-speed automatic, throttle response, and set in our case, the hardness of the damping (nissan turbo).

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 Dancing on Ice: The Maserati Ghibli S in Q4 four-wheel test Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Not always do all what I want. So ists here. The two tons of car do not move in the direction that I want. I turn the steering wheel and open the throttle, but the Maserati pushes to the right of the curve out and not mess left around the bend, where he should go. But outside it's so pig smooth that every cat thrives only on the tips of claws. With winter tires on ice The profile of the tire pressed into a thin layer of snow underneath is pure ice. "You have to wait until the front wheels have grip until you give gas," said Luca reports from the passenger seat, "Can you feel that?" After the third round on the ice track in the middle of the Italian Alps, I feel what he means. Luca Rossetti is professional rally driver and instructor at Maserati. He knows what he's talking about. He kanns perfect, I'm still practicing. On the first lap he was driving because the whole looked more playful. Since he has also explained to me that we would actually have on an ice track as spikes, we do today but with normal winter tires. By feeling the curves I need four rounds to be wagging the Ghibli in the curves so skillfully that ass, as if to tap the village beauty to the land Disco. Then he heard me. I understood how the four-wheel system ticks. So I'll brave and let the big sedan racing down a mountain. I know that the 180-degree turn will be down no problem. Release the throttle gently back down and feel when the front wheels grip again. Then open the throttle and notice how the big car follows my behest driving and easily oversteering comes through the bend. Wow, that's a great feeling! Luca is thrilled. "Yes," he beams, "which is a Maserati!" He says it with so much enthusiasm in the Italian voice that I would buy him the car immediately. But not only because Lucas conviction, but also because of the Ghibli Q4 really fine things can. We drive the icy mountain namely up again, as if it were a Convertible summer trip to the lake. Balance by 50:50 In the middle of the hill, I stop and look at the display behind the steering wheel. It will show you how the torque just distributed between the axles. On a non-slip, dry road engine power drives only the rear wheels. But once on the rear axle will stay out of the grip, the muscle game is distributed. The system sends the power with the help of a multi-plate clutch to the front. This happens within 150 milliseconds, so to speak, in a blink. As a result, even prevail to 50 a balance of 50. And that shows the display from me immediately after I take the foot off the brake and put the accelerator is pressed. In a rear-wheel drive nothing had happened now maximum, the Ghibli but set in motion, as if he were pulled by a rope. Sport button sharpens throttle response and sound Once at the top, I press the Sport button on the center console and give the accelerator pedal spurs. The acknowledgment of the Maserati with a dull, comforting hiss of his four tubes, increases faster gas at, turn up later and leaves the curve wagging the bottom a little more dance to the outside. The heavy car remains still managed provided that I do not want to break the law of centrifugal force. That this is also true for the four-wheel-Maserati, I realize as I turn off all control systems and make only the wheel let. Even now, the Italians clings so confidently around the bends that I had no fear of a winter trip to the refuge. Wers completely safe willl presses the button from the Ice Mode. Then the function for the best possible traction is optimized.

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 How good is the new generation of the Nissan Qashqai? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Damn, now just do not say anything back to the name. But Qashqai is also a (incidentally selected conscious) masterpiece of ineffability. The customers did not seem to bother as Nissan's compact SUV has since 2007 found good 1.5 million fans in Europe. Even on the German car market dominated native of the Qashqai could enormously points. Although he was actually 2013 already on the way out, took up 26,710 SUV friends. For comparison: He is prior to the Skoda Yeti (22,045 pieces) and is in its segment only from the top dog VW Tiguan surpassed (57,838 copies). Refreshed inconspicuous Now blow the Japanese to Halali and bring the second-generation Qashqai Tiguan for hunting in position. One has to have a closer look to identify the successor can. In length it is nearly five inches longer, while the height has been lowered by 1.5 inches. Visually engages the new Qashqai on the design of its predecessor, but got out of the stylists more dynamic and sharpness pressed into the sheet. But no need to worry: the grotesque excesses in the style of a Mercedes GLA not take place. Why should they? Finally, the current design has paid, also benefit the visibility thereof. By the way: Anyone looking for a successor to the seven-seat Qashqai +2, must pick up the 4.66 meters long, the new X-Trail in the future. clever solutions Thoughtful presents the boot here to fit at least 430 liters of luggage inside. The headroom under the tailgate has been increased by 20 centimeters to 1.86 meters. If the rear backrests folded, creating a flat surface, the maximum boot capacity is 1,585 liters. In practice convince both the low sill and the variable cargo floor called "Flexi-Board". The highlight here: The front section can be raised as a room divider, which pays off when stowing of smaller purchases. We continue to work forward and check the rear. There, the legroom is good, although not limitless lush. Then we familiarize ourselves with the cockpit. Major problems are not, almost everything is in the right place. Thoughtful details include center armrest with tons of storage space and USB connectivity, five-inch TFT display between the instruments and the electronic parking brake that automatically triggers when the car moves. What generally is striking is the significantly improved material selection and perceived quality.

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 New Mini Cooper in the test Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

"We are in no hurry and I'm not getting paid, why should I drive fast, which only increases the traffic risk," says Niki Lauda in the current movie "Rush", as he sits at the wheel of an ordinary road car. Racing rival James Hunt contrast drifts with his British Mini, even if there is nothing to win. Driving as an emotional experience and as vile "From-A-to-B": These two settings are pioneer in the field of the cyclists. And today? Is the Mini still a prime example of the emotional aspect as in the days of Hunt? We have tested the launching on 15 March 2014, the third generation of the car to Puerto Rico. Three cylinder under palm trees Caribbean, palm trees, sand: Despite fine weather I sit down in the morning at ten not the cinematic beach of San Juan, but in the new Mini Cooper. The new generation of the runabout is powered by a 136 hp turbo gasoline engine, which I'm particularly excited. For the first time comes with a mini three-cylinder used, and this type of engine I am - I like the throaty sound harsh, other wrinkles on the nose so many, because it sounds discordant, uncultivated. How will the beloved "Rrrrrr ..." feel in this little car? Small cars are what the city? Not the Mini Already in the first meters is clear that the motor pushes mightily. The turbo makes out for neat torque from below - for those who like to cruise times. Wers sporty like, you can can be brought in 7.9 seconds to highway speed. This figure already reveals a lot. But the kids always straight from zero to hundred hunt? That would be like with the Formula 1 racing into the area, complete nonsense. For me it is inland in the mountains, and since curves are hip, gas and brake, accelerator and brake. I fly at 20 meters high bamboo trees over, scarecrow chickens and chase away stray dogs. Wiesel Flink dashes of Cooper around the corners like a well-trained city Dachshund, the one takes the leash in the forest. Curves, mountains, roads are just the only welfare for the Mini. Small cars are what the city? Maybe, but not the Mini. The total package brings the fun Is it the gear, in the steering, at the circuit on the motor? Hard to say, it is the total package. So go-kart feeling? Well, that often parroted slogan is a merciless exaggeration. Who untrained times an hour go kart driving, know the next day how sore muscles feels in his arms. With a Cooper one does not happen. But it is true that curvy mountain roads as much fun with any other car in this class. Wers detailed wants: Yes, the steering is direct. Yes, the six-speed transmission boasts easy access. And yes, it gives a crisp feel. There are also seats offer excellent lateral support in the back, causing the lower support not really tell on the thighs....

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 96 Venom GT stunning acceleration Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Recently, Hennessey team finally began their performance, with paper figures bombing us for a long time Venom GT, the facts tell us how fast it in the end. On the runway, Venom GT accelerates from zero to test speed 370km / h, the best results fixed in 19.96 seconds. In addition, its 0-200km / h acceleration time of 7.96 seconds, 0-300km / h with a time 13.48 seconds (mitsubishi turbo). One is not careful, this is a blown eyelashes will accelerate. Of course, it takes a strong heart to make this terrible acceleration. Venom GT from GM, where the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1's LS9 V8 engine took over (toyota turbo). After a series of "no bottom line" modification, Hennessey team lost the original supercharger assembly, put on a pair of turbochargers, this 7.0 liters V8 engine could eventually broke out 1244 horsepower and transmitted to the rear wheels (mazda turbo).

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