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 MG and a pair of standard models Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

First of all we came to the vehicle sealed laboratory, to see the vehicle sealing performance. The whole work needs to undergo simulation analysis, the standard test, subjective assessment and system debugging, a total of four stages. Of course, this is almost all the breakdown of the project needs to go through the process. Good vehicle sealing performance can effectively reduce wind noise, improve ride comfort. Especially in the high-speed cruise, the holes, gaps and other subtle tightly sealed, with excellent sealing of the vehicle to isolate the vast majority of wind noise. Compared to other aspects of dealing with poor models, the two have a very big difference between. In the vehicle sealed laboratory site placed a MG fit polo 6r coilovers for sale and a pair of standard models. Through the engineers on-site test we can see, MG QS air tightness can be as low as 56SCFM (the lower the value of the better), while the standard model was 95SCFM, the advantage is very obvious. The new car in the design of the early through the CAE analysis, the vehicle sheet metal slits were optimized, the body up to more than 100 road coating process and body opening and closing parts best coilovers for polo 6r of the double seal and other design are the cornerstone of good performance. Talking about the body structure, perhaps many of my friends think that this is safety-related components, and NVH and not much relationship, it is not true. As I mentioned above, NVH is started with vehicle research and development, not a halfway monk members. Engineers in order to obtain the best vehicle NVH performance, naturally the body structure of the hands and feet. Do not believe? Then please continue to look down. I believe everyone in the middle school physics class already know - the sound propagation speed in the air than in the solid slower. And SAIC engineers and therefore in the MG ZS fit VW Polo 6R Lowering Kit 20 position of the whole car with a cavity cut off the design, through the air characteristics to block the cavity transmission path to slow down the transmission of noise. In addition, the engineers also used PU foam filled in the thickness of 3mm EVA material (ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer) and the body sheet metal between, to achieve the purpose of blocking noise.

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 MG ZS NVH test review Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

I believe you have heard of NVH, it is Noise (noise), Vibration (vibration), Harshness (sound roughness) abbreviation. Among them, Noise can be divided into air and structural sound; Vibration refers to the body we feel the vibration frequency (0.5-500Hz); Harshness refers to the quality of noise and vibration, is more subjective feelings. The vast majority of parts of a vehicle will have an impact on its overall NVH performance. NVH is not a part of what many people think about in the later stages of vehicle development, but the issues that need to be considered at the beginning of vehicle S54B32 conrods development. Simply put, NVH is not only the late increase in sound-absorbing cotton or rubber bushings and other components can be resolved, more importantly, the need for vehicle structure, shape and other parts to be optimized in order to achieve excellent performance. We are the protagonist of today's performance is not listed on the MG ZS models, the new car located in a small SUV, has a very young, stylish design, we have earlier it is static, dynamic performance analysis, my colleagues But also to give it a good evaluation. This time we will go to Shanghai Anting's SAIC Technology Center NVH laboratory on the MG ZS models S54B32 rods in the NVH design to understand. SAH Technology Center NVH laboratory was built in June 2015, mainly for SAIC models NVH development and verification. The laboratory mainly includes four drum semi-anechoic chamber, two drum semi-anechoic chamber, gearbox NVH laboratory, the whole elimination - reverberation room, vehicle fit polo 6r coilovers vibration abnormalities laboratory and parts vibration abnormal sound test room 10 laboratories, hardware facilities in the country more advantages.

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 FAW brand new car is the biggest pain point Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

From the past ten years of experience, a year a new car is not only the car "standard", it can even be said that the new car strategy will become a change in the market structure of some car prices reasons. For example, Honda, aggressive new car strategy to 125.6 million in last year's performance to defeat Toyota (1.124 million), the success of promotion in China. In contrast, the Pentium problem is that there is no introduction of new models, which in 2016 a full year to eat the capital. You know, the market itself is like a boat against the current, do not advance into the. When many small partners have introduced modeling updates, better technology, more cost-effective products out, they are difficult to change the Millennium Pentium Pentium love. For example, the Pentium X80, this model uses the Mazda 6 platform technology, a variety of configurations is also rich, but this model from May 2013 listing seems to have been unable to solve the vehicle noise and noise problems, which makes it In many strong products especially in front of new models overshadowed eclipse. In 2015, the Pentium X80 to surrender 54600 results. In 2016, the Pentium X80 only achieved 19,800.

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 To modify the color of the wind to change the BMW M6 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Do not know when to start, to Dubai as the center to suspend a burst of "Tuhaojin" car to change the color of the wind, the golden color of the original represents the wealth, prosperity and good luck, and a variety of successful combination of ultra-running, , Xiaobian for everyone to bring a golden brushed BMW M6 modified car. At first glance the BMW M6 will be attracted by its sparkling gold body, the evaluation of the vehicle into gold has been mixed, but you can not deny that this change in color of the vehicle has a strong gas field. And the common electroplating gold to change color is not the same, this BMW M6 is the metal wire drawing film change color, matte texture even more noble and extraordinary. Walking system, the modified 21-inch matte gray Forgiato Drea wheels, J value for the first 9 after 10, and with the tire is Pirelli P Zero Nero series tires. The exhaust is replaced with the Akrapovic exhaust, which is the more expensive brand in the exhaust, and is active in all competitions, making Akrapovic's exhaust now in the lap.

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 Audi A4L 2017 models 40 TFSI fashion type Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The new Audi A4L is not only a change in appearance and interior so simple, it is based on the Volkswagen Group's most advanced MLB Evo vertical platform to build, is the most popular models of the platform. Compared to the old models, the new car size in addition to the height of the addition of different amplitude increases, while the curb weight has reduced by 65 kilograms, in light weight and performance balance are doing better. In addition to the minimum with models, the new Audi A4L are standard with LED headlamps, it seems a sense of science and technology scenic 1.5 dci turbocharger, full-featured, functional Nature did not have to say. May also have a friend that Audi LED headlamps without visual focus, not God, but I want to say is that this one can not see the "eye" is sharp enough, in line with such as I 85 After 90 and after the aesthetic characteristics. Just talked about the new Audi A4L long, wide and wheelbase compared to the old models have increased, but the overall profile and no significant change, which makes a lot of friends mistakenly believe that it is the medium-term facelift instead of replacement models Nissan S13 Coilovers, but To see it through the front and back straight waist and the back door tough horn shape to create a strong sense of power, and very different from the old models very obvious, and the car is very sharp temperament ride. Body side there are two more obvious changes, one is outside the rearview mirror base moved to the door, not to mention whether to reduce the visual blind, a lot of frameless car models silvia Coilovers are this setting, at least on the sense of quality Is stronger. Another change is the use of the door handle to pull up the form of convenience on the upgrade, but I feel the most important thing is to chat with friends when more talk about money.

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