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- Porsche Six Self-Suction Engine
- X7 only manual version
- Roewe eRX5 and Roewe ei6
- Land Rover Aurora launched exhaust to the end of the section
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 ZS excellent chassis configuration Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

At the same time, in order to provide a better texture and outstanding driving characteristics of vehicles, MG ZS separated by the use of cylindrical spring design can get better load layout, and subtle adjustment is also selected after the SAIC trial and error after the best way. Has a good chassis configuration, power steering has also been the impact of the quality of vehicle focus, from the special assistant to the intensity of feedback to the road surface vibration transmission, all without affecting the control characteristics of a car, and in the vast majority of vehicles Adjustable EPS electronic power steering more in sports models and luxury models above. MGS ZS steering by the world's top supplier of Germany's German Bosch imported the use of top-level processing equipment to ensure that the manufacturing steering system accuracy, and is equipped with three driving modes, namely, gentle, comfortable, sports. These three driving modes have different speed range at different speed adjustment style, but with the speed of the steering power are biased towards stability in order to improve high-speed vehicle stability.

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 MG ZS suspension Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

MGS ZS front MacPherson independent suspension, the use of eccentric spring + high-strength stabilizer bar design, mainly in order to enhance the vehicle roll restraint, improve vehicle dynamic performance, and in order to improve comfort, suspension travel has increased to reduce The vibration transmitted to the inside of the compartment. In order to further increase vehicle reliability, MG ZS 6-point connection with high stiffness subframe, compared with the same level for 4-point connection processing, in the process of MG ZS using robot welding process to avoid defects, can bring higher reliability And durability. In addition, in recent years, the infamous hinge doors do for many car prices sounded the alarm, in order to avoid such incidents, MG ZS uses a separate ball head design, the lower arm with bolt connection, can degrade the wear and tear Coefficient can also help reduce the drag coefficient, so that its service life is more superior, the relative replacement cost is more low. Rear suspension MG ZS with the same level of mainstream torsion beam non-independent suspension structure, the choice of torsion beam can effectively reduce production costs, and save a lot of chassis space for the vehicle to improve vehicle storage space. However, the difference is the MG ZS will be the original V-shaped torsion beam to bear the ability to better U-type, can provide better torsional stiffness to improve the roll. In the load-bearing performance, the beam using high-strength steel Baosteel QSTE500, SAPH 440 material strength than ordinary to improve 30-50%.

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 Toyota brings Mirai to market Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Coincidentally, Toyota Mirai to Mirai after the market, but also seemingly generous open 5680 patents related to the right to use fuel cells, but also took the BMW "twinning", "engage in the Union." There is a saying that good, first-class enterprises to do the standard, second-rate enterprises to do the brand, third-rate companies to do products, Toyota's ulterior motives. Try to lower the threshold to attract more interested in joining the hydrogen fuel cell camp, diluted costs, but also with the gradual rise Air Suspension of the pure power camp against each other. From the current point of view, the hydrogen fuel cell is still a traditional team of stationers despotic, in the next era of hydrogen can chess first move, and even related to the brand Xing and death. For example, more stringent emission regulations, may introduce the "carbon integral" concept, if the traditional car brand pure electric vehicles sell new electric brand, fuel vehicles and fail, it can only to those " New brand "to buy points Air Suspension Bag, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles may be the traditional car brand" anti-kill "a great opportunity. Hydrogen era may not be "castle in the air", but the ideal landing is still a long way to go. Hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and hydrogen refueling station construction, in this industry chain of each link, need to break through a bottleneck coilover suspension kits. Determine whether the premise of commercialization or cost control, and cost control is the technology behind the subversion and revolution.

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 Balance of pure electricity Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Hydrogen and electricity, and sometimes it is difficult to split. Thus, the hydrogen fuel cell is almost a perfect fusion of hydrogen, electricity two elements. Since that, the above-mentioned hydrogen engine is the transformation of the traditional internal combustion engine work, then, I would also like to think that the hydrogen fuel cell is a pure electric traditional "transformation." The technical bottlenecks to solve are "long charging time" and "short battery life". Here is an example of Toyota Mirai coilover kits, a hydrogenation of about 4.3 kg, 700 km can be life, and a single hydrogenation time also a few minutes. Charging and endurance, it is precisely the current pure electric vehicles, "Gate of Life." If the electric car really want to "throw off the stick to run up", their bottlenecks have a thorough breakthrough. Tesla's head Maske has been bad-mouthing hydrogen fuel cells, that "hydrogen is very dangerous, only suitable for rocket fuel, not for the car.Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles do not fly, pure electric vehicles is the best alternative ". Look Masi once generous open patent to the electric car counterparts, but hydrogen fuel cell "zero tolerance", which behind the "small 99" particularly worth pondering Exhaust Manifold. Is also the Musike said, "Tesla is not the real competitors such as trickle-like existence of other electric car brand, but every day, such as the torrent of flood-like mass production of fuel vehicles." As a "barbarians" Tesla, the most hope is that the traditional layout of the market a step by step car exhausted. Go it alone, might as well open patent, shouting more outsiders, do large-scale, rival Ignition Coils.

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 Cheetah CT7 family design Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Cheetah car's new pickup truck Cheetah CT7 officially listed in Lijiang, Yunnan. The new car launched 1.9T diesel and gasoline two power systems, covering standard double / large double row, two-wheel drive / four-wheel drive version, a total of 22 models. Cheetah CT7 shape is more full, the front face with a cheetah car latest family design, the upper air grille with three banner chrome trim. Headlight shape is more sharp, the internal also incorporates a lens. Comparison of the shape of the rear Founder, cargo compartment at the rear with the "LEOPAARD" brand identity. Cargo compartment painted the cargo compartment Po, rear bumper and integrated on the car pedal. Interior layout is simple and practical, the center console using a large area of hard black plastic, the middle position with a 8-inch color screen, and have GPS navigation and other functions. Four-spoke steering wheel with flat-bottom design, and CS10 Cheetah style is very similar. Configuration, the new car with ABS + EBD, dual airbags, aluminum alloy wheels, GPS navigation, leather seats, four electric windows, headlight height adjustment and power rearview mirror configuration.

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