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By the British team developed supersonic car "Blood Hound" (Bloodhound) will be October 26 this year in the United Kingdom Cornish New York Airport runway test, is expected to reach 322 km per hour, and will be the end of next year in the South Africa Desert Challenge World Record. "Blood Hound" manufactured by the United Kingdom, cost up to 10 million pounds (according to 1 pound = 8.6495 yuan conversion, equivalent to about 86.5 million yuan), the maximum speed of up to 1000 miles / hour (1609 km / h).
In fact, the "Blood Hound", in October in the United Kingdom Cornish Newquay airport runway test is only a "slow" test drive. Compared to its maximum speed of 1609 km / h, is expected to reach 322 km per hour is clearly in the "jogging", F1 racing straight top speed is about 380 km / h. One of the reasons for the "jogging" is that the 2744-meter-long airport runway is too short to drive at full speed. In addition, since the original design of the hybrid rocket engine mounted on the top of the car has not yet been completed, the "blood hound" test was carried only by the loaded European "Typhoon" fighter engine.
The British Broadcasting Corporation quoted the design team as saying that the runway test in October was to improve the performance of the "Hounded Hound" in order to regain some "Hounded Hound" data, which was significant for challenging the world record in South Africa next year. Mark Chapman, the team's chief engineer, said the test will be an exciting time for the team from design to actual operation. At the same time, it will also be a good display platform, Chapman looks forward to attract more investment to solve a few subsequent issues.
The current world record of car driving is 1228 kilometers per hour. Hybrid Rocket Engine R & D is completed, the "Blood Hound" is expected to challenge the world record in two phases, respectively, to achieve 1287 km and 1609 km per hour.
According to previously reported, "Blood Hound" pencil-shaped shell is made of aviation grade aluminum forged, the body length of about 13.4 meters, the weight is 7.5 tons, 1.83 meters in diameter wheels are made of high strength titanium alloy, which is to To prevent the wheel speed too fast and fly out from the body.
The Soldier Hound was able to reach the Sonics because it was equipped with a new fighter engine, and when the vehicle was accelerated to 300 mph, a hybrid rocket engine located on the roof would continue to accelerate for the vehicle; the rocket engine included a Traditional rockets and a separate engine fuel pump, which allows the "blood hound" maximum power to reach 135000 horsepower, equivalent to 180 F1 racing power.
It is understood that the runway test in October will be the former British Royal Air Force pilot Racing Rods Andy Green (Andy Green) Lieutenant Colonel is responsible for driving, the end of next year's South African Desert challenge world record tour will be completed by it. Andy Green is also one of the R & D and designers of the "Hound Hound" supersonic car.

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I believe you have heard of NVH, it is Noise (noise), Vibration (vibration), Harshness (sound roughness) abbreviation. Among them, Noise can be divided into air and structural sound; Vibration refers to the body we feel the vibration frequency (0.5-500Hz); Harshness refers to the quality of noise and vibration, is more subjective feelings. The vast majority of parts of a vehicle will have an impact on its overall NVH performance. NVH is not a part of what many people think about in the later stages of vehicle development, but the issues that need to be considered at the beginning of vehicle S54B32 conrods development. Simply put, NVH is not only the late increase in sound-absorbing cotton or rubber bushings and other components can be resolved, more importantly, the need for vehicle structure, shape and other parts to be optimized in order to achieve excellent performance. We are the protagonist of today's performance is not listed on the MG ZS models, the new car located in a small SUV, has a very young, stylish design, we have earlier it is static, dynamic performance analysis, my colleagues But also to give it a good evaluation. This time we will go to Shanghai Anting's SAIC Technology Center NVH laboratory on the MG ZS models S54B32 rods in the NVH design to understand. SAH Technology Center NVH laboratory was built in June 2015, mainly for SAIC models NVH development and verification. The laboratory mainly includes four drum semi-anechoic chamber, two drum semi-anechoic chamber, gearbox NVH laboratory, the whole elimination - reverberation room, vehicle fit polo 6r coilovers vibration abnormalities laboratory and parts vibration abnormal sound test room 10 laboratories, hardware facilities in the country more advantages.

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