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By the British team developed supersonic car "Blood Hound" (Bloodhound) will be October 26 this year in the United Kingdom Cornish New York Airport runway test, is expected to reach 322 km per hour, and will be the end of next year in the South Africa Desert Challenge World Record. "Blood Hound" manufactured by the United Kingdom, cost up to 10 million pounds (according to 1 pound = 8.6495 yuan conversion, equivalent to about 86.5 million yuan), the maximum speed of up to 1000 miles / hour (1609 km / h).
In fact, the "Blood Hound", in October in the United Kingdom Cornish Newquay airport runway test is only a "slow" test drive. Compared to its maximum speed of 1609 km / h, is expected to reach 322 km per hour is clearly in the "jogging", F1 racing straight top speed is about 380 km / h. One of the reasons for the "jogging" is that the 2744-meter-long airport runway is too short to drive at full speed. In addition, since the original design of the hybrid rocket engine mounted on the top of the car has not yet been completed, the "blood hound" test was carried only by the loaded European "Typhoon" fighter engine.
The British Broadcasting Corporation quoted the design team as saying that the runway test in October was to improve the performance of the "Hounded Hound" in order to regain some "Hounded Hound" data, which was significant for challenging the world record in South Africa next year. Mark Chapman, the team's chief engineer, said the test will be an exciting time for the team from design to actual operation. At the same time, it will also be a good display platform, Chapman looks forward to attract more investment to solve a few subsequent issues.
The current world record of car driving is 1228 kilometers per hour. Hybrid Rocket Engine R & D is completed, the "Blood Hound" is expected to challenge the world record in two phases, respectively, to achieve 1287 km and 1609 km per hour.
According to previously reported, "Blood Hound" pencil-shaped shell is made of aviation grade aluminum forged, the body length of about 13.4 meters, the weight is 7.5 tons, 1.83 meters in diameter wheels are made of high strength titanium alloy, which is to To prevent the wheel speed too fast and fly out from the body.
The Soldier Hound was able to reach the Sonics because it was equipped with a new fighter engine, and when the vehicle was accelerated to 300 mph, a hybrid rocket engine located on the roof would continue to accelerate for the vehicle; the rocket engine included a Traditional rockets and a separate engine fuel pump, which allows the "blood hound" maximum power to reach 135000 horsepower, equivalent to 180 F1 racing power.
It is understood that the runway test in October will be the former British Royal Air Force pilot Racing Rods Andy Green (Andy Green) Lieutenant Colonel is responsible for driving, the end of next year's South African Desert challenge world record tour will be completed by it. Andy Green is also one of the R & D and designers of the "Hound Hound" supersonic car.

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  Koni FSD shock absorbers Golf 6 trial report Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

I vehicle is the sixth generation Golf, of course, not GTI, just plain 1.4. Street has been run before the line route, manipulations with the AP shock absorbers, H & R anti-roll bars, strengthened lion pieces plus special 18-inch wheels with RE11. FSD name has been heard before, but basically twisted around teeth riders control what V3, B16, BC would open more, FSD has not had a chance to experience the next, looking at the forum, said FSD is a super car on the use of suspension technology that can automatically senses road conditions and driving habits continue to change the damping size, from the "softest" to "hardest" just 0.2 seconds, pretty fast hardware pass, this time very happy and grateful for such a network invincible experience opportunity KONI FSD's. Road Test After installation, run separately under urban roads and high-speed, road feel FSD is still quite obvious, basically all you can feel bumpy road, but seemed a little hard point, comfort in general, and perhaps this is the FSD this feature automatically adjusts, he felt my driving habits more intense, so I chose a relatively tough damping, but then I tried to open and gentle, but still feel hard not know why. Tangent ability to see, FSD is relatively straightforward, probably because of the height of reasons, good performance did not shock cutter teeth. Overall, FSD regarded as a very good package, but only FSD shock barrel, spring or springs need to be purchased separately using the original, this installation using the original springs, high contrast, just over the original plant a means to reduce the distance between the left and right, reaching a distance of about three fingers through the sex is good, but the pursuit LOW shoes may not like it.?

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 What are the implications installation turbocharged car? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

What impact the installation of turbochargers for cars pros and cons? My car is Santana, a friend advised me to install a turbocharger that can be increased by 40 horsepower, turbocharged, but I do not know how it is, it complicated to install it, the car has a bad What impact will affect handling it(nissan turbo)? Has been finalized and has been in mass production of Auto turbocharger installation is almost impossible. Because the supporting structure is more complex, such as the intake system, cooling system and engine electronic control unit (ECU) and so there may be differences with the original car, and the modifications price must not extravagant, both technically (too complex) and how the economy do not count the value (as in the Elantra car turbo install at least to 30,000 yuan). It is suggested that does not have to be retrofitted. Michelin tires good. No matter what brand of tire has the city and off-road tread pattern type (grip strength) type of points, it is important to see your purpose or orientation. If you want noise vibration should be selected on the longitudinal sipes city tires and air pressure should be too high. What kind of car you can install a small turbine? "Small turbo" (engine parts) works: "Small turbo" is to use the engine itself inlet pressure to allow air to bypass air flow meter, from the intake manifold guide Fresh air into the fuel before entering the combustion chamber the fuel mixing process is completed, the pneumatic cylinder to solve the underlying mass To increase the oxygen content of the fuel, to achieve optimum combustion. "Small turbo" surge chamber and the engine intake Intake manifold pressure to maintain balance, coordination instantaneous engine work at different times, depending on the engine itself into the gas Sizes, ranging from the engine to provide additional gas flow, thereby enhancing engine output. Small turbo "effects (racing parts) small turbine and features: 1. Horsepower, torque instantly can improve 10% -20% ,0-100km / h acceleration upgrade about 1 second, the strong start to accelerate Powerful, smooth and quick throttle, absolutely can meet your control car pleasure. 2. Save fuel consumption, average fuel efficiency rate of up to 5% -15%; 3. Effectively reduce exhaust emissions (CO / HC emission rate can be reduced by 20% -30%), to extend the use of catalytic converters Life, environmentally friendly 4. Reduce engine deposits, reduce vehicle maintenance costs; 5. Installation and removal simple, does not destroy the original car structure

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 Intake and exhaust system modifications can not just force Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Cars have entered the growing family. Use on the basis of this common, if not Auto enthusiasts will want to give your car a personalized logo. modifications will become many people's choice. There are more and more people are eyeing the intake and exhaust modifications(mazda turbo). Auto intake and exhaust systems like the human respiratory tract, as modifications to enhance the intake and exhaust efficiency, not only allows the engine more quickly consequential, can also be enhanced power on. But this seemingly simple modifications in fact a lot of hidden knowledge, modifications well, not only does not improve power, but also to the environment pollution, and even gave rise to a nuisance! Intake and exhaust emissions modifications is likely to cause failure (TWC inadequate or failed). But originally the intake and exhaust is not a strict requirement, because now the big change of car exhaust pipe often generate noise nuisance, so police crack down on modified exhaust pipe has become very strict. In the modifications point when there is a lot of attention, rather than to "horsepower" and paranoid. Intake air bigger the better? modifications is to break the factory has set a good balance, make certain compromises and concessions on such as durability, comfort and environmental conditions in which the dynamic performance more prominent. Power for the intake system modifications, intake moderate increase engine efficiency can be obtained certain effect improvement (generally not more than 10%), and the operation is not difficult, but if want to further improve on the basis of power performance, things get complicated. Original ECU fuel injection, ignition and other settings there is a certain limited range (taking into account various factors, the adjustment range is very limited), intake air once the factory setting range is exceeded, the engine will not continue to run the rest with into the adjustment, so only the part of the air intake modifications, ECU, fuel, ignition, exhaust, etc. do not sync up, it can not significantly improved dynamic performance(peugeot turbo). And more extreme performance of the intake system is more expensive jets direct injection system, the so-called multi-throat injection system is simply an independent throttle technology. Multiple injection jets in the air after the air filter becomes a separate throttle per cylinder, air flow sensor set individually on each throttle, independent monitoring of each cylinder's intake action. The purpose is usually also on the inside of the intake manifold polished, the intake lower resistance, then the fuel system needs to accommodate increasing gas flow, pressure and improve fuel precise amount of fuel injection in order to improve the power output . Indeed many of the benefits of multi-throat injection, but the multi-throat injection system is not perfect trap, increasing the area of ??the intake valve and use a shorter intake manifold, though they have a better intake at high speed efficiency, but at low speed will result in a small inlet air pressure, air velocity drop, loss of low-rpm torque, would like to improve this situation is theoretically the easiest way is to increase engine displacement, but actually doing so can only be considered a temporary solution not a cure, increase or displacement will be showing a lack of after low rpm torque conditions(subaru coilovers).

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 Lamborghini modified Appreciation Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Recently, the world's top high-performance brands Mansory Lamborghini Photos modification, this modification Total cost 1.3 million euros, while the biggest bright spot is a strong motivation to upgrade, let's look at the details. It is reported that, Carbonado Roadster 6.5 liter V12 engine has been explosive change, after upgrading the maximum power of the 919kW ,0-100 km / h acceleration in just 2.6 seconds, and 200 km / h mark in 6.5 seconds to reach. Other changes include new exterior colors, new wheels and body panels, while adding a navigation system, a premium audio system, automatic start-stop system and carbon fiber interior trim kit.

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 Capristo modified Ferrari 458Spider transparent hood Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Capristo recently launched a very nice they modified Ferrari 458 spider, but a little German guy got cheaper still cold feeling, also issued a statement saying they are in fact not very happy modified Ferrari models, these words hit their face a little rhythm, since early this year, when they converted the one so many people have wowed transparent hood version of the Ferrari 458 spider, the group released a transparent hood kit when the market price of up to € 9,800 or about 98,000 yuan. In fact, they really want to say is that every factory Ferrari are like the Mona Lisa as perfect, which made it difficult for them to start with. Because little is pay attention, you will ruin a masterpiece (racing parts). The modification of this Ferrari 458 spider, Capristo feel they do the best place is to give the car upgrade, maintaining the characteristics of the car itself, there is no loss of Ferrari innate character. In the right appearance upgrade, are in accordance with "This part should appear in the body of the Ferrari 458spider" This standard build. They think this upgrade is the best model for Ferrari this modification. This time, they applied a transparent engine hood design (race parts). Capristo an increase of 22 hp for this Ferrari 458 spider, now reached 562 horsepower. Cancel the original hood and replace it with a carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber in the middle part of the hood is installed through a special manufacturing process of a carbon fiber glass panel, which allows more people to be able to see this horse Hongzongliema strong heart. This new engine cover and some hollow grid, can be very good for the engine cooling (performance parts).

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