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- The new C4 PICASSO is officially unveiled
- ICONIQ Seven officially released
- Hella Flush conversion origin
- VIP style modified vehicles
- Designed tires for Chiron

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 The new C4 PICASSO is officially unveiled Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, Citroen officially announced the new C4 PICASSO officially unveiled, the new car with a new front face design, the overall details of the body have a certain adjustment, will be listed in the market this year. Appearance, the new C4 PICASSO uses a new front face design, the upper intake grille size increases, the bottom of the bumper with a through design, both sides of the fog lamp area with a C-chrome trim. Tail, the new car with a new shape of the taillights group, and the introduction of the latest 3D effect LED light source fit audi a6 avant air suspension bag, the new Citroen LOGO also appeared in the car. In addition the new car tail also joined a horizontal chrome trim, looks to be more refined. According to the overseas version of the model information, the new C4 PICASSO can choose two-color body (black roof) and 17-inch wheels, while also adding Lazuli blue, Soft Sand gold and Cumulus gray three colors. Interior, the new car is equipped with a new headrest, LED reading lights, rear sunshade, the latest navigation system fit air bag suspension audi a6 configuration. In addition, such as fatigue reminders, speed limit recognition, lane departure tips, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise, city brake systems are also appear in the car. In terms of power, the new car adds 1.2T PureTech petrol engine selection and has two outputs, the low power version of the maximum power of 110 hp, the drive system matches the 6 speed manual gearbox fit mercedes m class suspension air bag. At the same time the engine there are 130 horsepower version of the choice, the drive system matches the 6-speed automatic transmission.

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 ICONIQ Seven officially released Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Recently, in the 2017 Shanghai auto show on the eve of the opening, ICONIQ (Ai Kang Nick) New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. officially released its first concept car. Today released ICONIQ Seven is the first generation of prototype cars, will provide PREMIUM and VIP two versions, the final production version will be officially listed in 2019 and delivered to the user. ICONIQ (Ai Kang Nick) was founded in 2016, headquartered in Tianjin, China, as its first product, ICONIQ Seven research and development experienced four years, its design is completed by W Motors, engineering and core technology solutions by the wheat Grenada Italia and Turin Studios are provided by Magna and are responsible for the production of the vehicle. Appearance, ICONIQ Seven angular, using more straight lines, the overall style is very hard to send. As the car is pure electric MPV, so the front air grille with a closed treatment, with blue light LOGO, so that a substantial increase in the sense of technology vehicles performance auto accessories. On the side, depending on the version, the PREMIUM version will use the sliding door design, and VIP version will be used to open the door design. Body size, the new car length and width were 4900 * 1900 * 1860mm, wheelbase 3000mm. ICONIQ Seven will use its six / 4-seat layout, with four VIP seats and two seats in the second row. The rear passengers will not only have large backspace, but also have independent seats, luxury interiors and Large size multimedia LCD screen and so on. While the distinguished version fit bmw e61 rear suspension air bag of the car for the six layout. In terms of power, the new car will use the maximum power of 165kW (224 hp) of the motor, with more than 400km mileage. The new car will begin mass production in 2019 and will upgrade the OTA air upgrade system in 2020, will introduce new SUV models in 2021 and upgrade the battery system. By 2022, the OTA system will be upgraded and the ICONIQ Seven will be changed. By 2023, plans to achieve L5 level of automatic driving fit bmw 5 series rear suspension air bag. In terms of future sales, Ai Kang Nick gave the sales target from 2019 to 2025, hoping to develop from less than 20,000 to 2050 in 2025.

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 Hella Flush conversion origin Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In addition to VIP modified wind, the Japanese car in the modified circle is also quite famous. It is based on the development of Japan's secondary culture, the conversion process is very simple, that is, the second element of the comic characters or game characters, names, etc. or painted on the car body decoration. This modified style, by many female owners love. Hella Flush modified wind is said to originate in the United States San Francisco, can be said to be a kind of pursuit of car drift attitude. Hella Flush represents a double meaning, Hella translated as super, special meaning, and Flush is flush meaning that the wheel or tire extension and wheel eyebrows flat, which is one of the rigid standards of Hella Flush, otherwise Can not be called Hella Flush. DUB modified winds mainly from the African American hip-hop culture developed, focusing on the use of large wheels, are basically 20 inches start. Coupled with some graffiti on the body, as well as heavy bass sound together, DUB can be said to be a music, personality and the perfect combination of cars. Sporty, also known as "sports faction", originated in the European car race. Sporty has two main modifications, one is modified power, one is modified handling. This modification style of the vehicle's balance requirements are high, the need for the original car as a balance point, through the replacement, to improve the original car parts and parameters, in order to achieve vehicle performance improvement.

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 VIP style modified vehicles Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The so-called auto distribution wind generally refers to the use of too exaggerated pull flowers, sports kits, or in the body to install too much lighting effects, as well as some discordant design such as van change scissors. Overall, Vibrant wind modification is the vehicle, get some nondescript, so this type of conversion is often the car faithful Tucao. The reason for this phenomenon, in fact, because China's automobile development history is relatively short, most of the individual car owners do not understand the car structure. Therefore, the modification will be from the pull flowers, the appearance of the package, the installation of lights, these relatively primary aspects of the start. So each of the exaggerated conversion after another, and the steam has also become a variant of the Chinese ring of a unique phenomenon. Since the auto style is so spurned, then the foreign experts is how to play the car? Today we take you to see, what are the mature foreign modification style! VIP modified popular in the early 90s, when the Japanese models in pursuit of the texture and visually beyond Europe and the United States founded. This modification style focuses on the details of the deal, pay attention to the noble and luxurious atmosphere to build. Therefore, VIP style modified vehicles, often by the Japanese gangster gang like, highlight its status and identity.

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 Designed tires for Chiron Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The balance of the aerodynamic and cooling systems has a crucial role for Chiron's speed car. The whole car with 10 tanks, can run 60,000 liters of water per minute for the engine for cooling. Drink 5 liters of water a day, it flows a minute, I want to drink a year and a month.  Michelin for Bugatti alone developed Chiron specifically for tires, ordinary Pilot Sport Cup 2 has been unable to support such a rough degree. As Michelin has no runway to reach 400 kilometers per hour speed, simply in their own aircraft runway on the speed of the test. At 400 kilometers per hour, Chiron gt2860r turbo for sale every tire of each tire to withstand up to 3800G centrifugal force ravaged. Like Veyron, the world's limited 500, has sold 200, the first phase of the car has already begun. Put aside the number, Chiron and Veyron have adopted the appearance of all carbon fiber. The final grinding makes the car look fine, but also successfully created a kind of material and structure at the expense of the ritual sense. Of course, this ritual is not cheap t25 turbo for sale, the starting price of 2.4 million euros, excluding tax. Want a better configuration and more personalized selection and painting? Line, and then dig a few hundred thousand European chanting, at least. Chris Harris mentioned an average Chiron owner with 42 cars, 1.5 yachts and 1.6 helicopters. The car is not accidentally the fastest car in their garage. Bionic structure of the brakes made of alloy forging, brake pads to prevent thermal attenuation of carbon fiber ceramic materials, front wheel brakes with 8 titanium alloy piston t28 turbo for sale, followed by six. Front wheel diameter reached a stunning 42cm, rear 40cm.

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